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The wonderful and amazing Mark Montano ( @MarkMontano ) has given me a copy of his new book to giveaway here on my blog to one lucky winner!! I love this book and am excited to share with it you!

It's easy to enter!!

Just post a comment on this blog post and I'll choose a winner at random on Monday. If you are reading this on a feed make sure to comment on my main blog here. And don't forget to give me a way to contact you if you are the winner!

FTC Disclosure: I have received no payment to do this giveaway. Just a fan of Mark's books!

we have a winner drawn at random using the random number generator at

Congrats to Deb! Thanks to everyone for playing!

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What a great give away Claudine! I would love to win that Big-Ass Book!

pupton58 at gmail dot com
Would love to win this one!
Love the title! Love your blog too!
I need a big ass decorating book. Love Mark's designs!!!!
I love the title!!!
If you're a fan of Mark's books I know I'll be a fan too! I would so love to win this book, please count me in!

I'm such a sucker for home decor projects - count me in! Thanks for the opportunity!
I really need this book.
Thanks Mark, Bless you Claudine!
Breaking it down into Haiku:

BIG enthusiasm
meets lucid zaney vignettes
in one stop shopping

ma in jc
I'm a big fan of yours for years, and follow Mark on Facebook - both of you are amazingly talented and I would LOVE a copy of his book! :)

so fun! thanks for the giveaway
Would love it! Go Bucks!!
I still use his first book constantly can't wait to see what fun ideas are in the new one!! Thanks for doing this give away! :)
I could so use this inspiration!
Having spent yesterday watching HSN's special on craft items, I'm ready to jazz up my homestead. Would love the inspiration from this book.

Wow, great looking book!
I would love to win this book. I would have so many goodies to make, all crafty goodness! * crossing fingers and holding my breath, praying i win this lovely delicous book." Thank_you for the chance. Tami email:
Our family will be moving soon and this book would be great to help us decorate our new place!
Big dreams for this Big Ass Book... Thank you for having this contest!
vclajla at gmail dot com
I agree! This is a great give-away!
Just love your creations!! Love your tweets too, lol!!
This book screams LOOK at meî„…!!!! Goes without saying any crafter would love to win this!
with a title like that, it's gotta be awesome!
lauriedyer at msn dot com
This looks great. Would love to own it.
I would love to win this book. It looks like fun! Thanks for the chance!
Now this looks like a fun book..would love to win.

sherpuck at gmail dot com
Oh, this book looks as if it would surely get the juices flowing! Thanks for hosting the giveaway! gina
Thank you for the opportunity and good luck for everyone!!
How fun is this? The title certainly got my attention - but I'm even more excited about what's inside the book, and if you love it so will I!

Thanks, Claudine.

I love cool home deco. Would love to win this book. Thanks for sharing.
Oh what a great prize!
Oh, what a great giveaway! I'd love to have this book and spruce up my home before the holidays. Thanks to both of you.
Linda Harbin - MidwestieLady
This looks like a REALLY fun book! :)Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.
Thank you for this generous offer! It would be nice to win this, and discover what's inside!
As a big fan of yours & Mark's, it would be great to have an opportunity to win this book. Have a great day Claudine, btw thanks for matte multi-medium, love it!
I would absolutely LOVE to win a copy of this fabulous book! Thank you for this fantastic giveaway!
jinglesells at gmail dot com
The title cracks me up. Makes you want to see the inside!
This book seems interesting. Thank you for your giveaway!
Not only a great looking book...but a great name as well :)
Looks amazing!
Oooooh I love Mark and I love crafts….. a marriage made in heaven
I'd love a copy!
Oh, I would so love ti get this book! Thanks for the chance to win it.
Hey Claudine, How are you doing? HOpe all is well. what a lovely giveaway!
(Toronto, ON)
This has to be a fun book with a name like that! Would love to win it. Thanks
debbi g
I love Mark! I have his book Big Ass Book of Crafts and love it. Thank you for being generous.
What a lovely long list of comments you already have here. I'm hoping this is the lucky one though! Thanks for the chance to win.
Wow, I would love to win this, looks like the perfect companion for those cold winter months ahead. You can find my e-mail on my blog

I need a Big Ass Book of Home Decor. Without a doubt - I need it!
Oh my gosh! Just the title has me hoping I may win the book! I hope I win but if I don't, congratulations to the lucky person who does! The nice thing about artists is they are kind and support each other, I think that's totally cool!
Where can we purchase your paints? I'm sure it is here somewhere, I think I'm tired because I can't locate it. I live in Arizona, is it sold here or do I need to go online?
What a cool book! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!
would love this!!!!
Would love the chance to win that fun and interesting looking book...must be jammed with ideas and inspiration! Thank you.
Looks like some big-ass-fun!
I'd love to win this fun book! So many great ideas-so little time to try them all!
Looks like a great book. Greetings from very sunny England (raining in Scotland) and have a fun weekend.
WOOOW, that totally looks like an awesome book!! I woud love to win it in your give away, would be an extra treat next to all the nice things you show us allready on your blog. rgds Susan (e-mail:
Hi Claudine:
I would LOVE to win that book. It looks so enticing!

Thanks for the opportunity.
Thanks Claudine, I'd love to win!
Looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!
Just what I need! I don't know anyone with a Big Ass Book! lol
Who could resist a book with such a great title? Thanks for the opportunity to win it, Claudine!
This book would be awesome to have...I need some inspiration in the Home Decor! Just found your blog via Michelle Allen, can't wait to see your latest posts!
I meant to buy this.... I have his Big Ass Book of Crafts and I love it!
This books looks amazing! Ready to be truly inspired ... If you'll ship to England! P.s. Claudine, I find your products and blog really fabulous!
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