New baby in our house!

Last week a new bundle of joy came into our lives quite by surprise! A friend of ours had found a little kitten a few days earlier. He was starving and very thin and dodging cars on a busy city street. Not a good combo for a tiny kitten! She posted signs to find out if he was anyone's, all the neighbors told her he was a stray living next to a restaurant just two doors down.

I had seen her tweets about her efforts to catch him and offered to help. We both tried. He'd come closer and then dart away. Then on Thursday night she caught him, called me and brought him over! All while Paul was at tennis, he had no idea what was happening while he was out!

The little guy was so tiny! Once safe in our guest bathroom he seemed really excited about eating and getting lots of snuggles. At 8 am the next morning I had him at the vet, we got a health report: dehydration, ear mites, deworming, he needed a bath (he was so dirty!), the usual stuff for a little stray kitten thankfully no FIV etc. The vet surprised me by saying he was only 8 weeks old. I think he's going to be huge! He's big for only 8 weeks old!

Paul got to name him (since he had no say in our new kitten's arrival) and decided his name would be Brian! We made little Brian a room in the guest bathroom and he stayed under this cabinet for two days.


Pretty soon his confidence was up and he was feeling better after having lots of food. He ate so much the first few days! With slow introductions to Mabel and Maggie he was soon running around the house and having lots of fun.


stalking Mabel cat while she sleeps...

Brian cat playing in my dollhouse

Napping in the doorway of my doll house (he is in and out of this dollhouse all day long!)

A little kitten has stolen my chair

Looking cute in my office chair....

I got a little video of Mabel cat mothering Brian....

We have fallen in love with him and we are so excited that he is a part of our family! I can't believe it's only been a week, he fits in so seamlessly, it's as if he's always been here!


what a sweetie mabel is! and brian is just adorable. he is a lucky little boy to have found his way home to you :). max and I volunteer at our local humane society every week (with the kitties) and have such a place in our hearts for cats including our three at home!
Adorable! I love this story. And I love that Brian loves the dollhouse. Happy new home, Brian!
It's official....Brian has been initiated into your Home by Mabel. What a cute little Angel to have live you you and your family. So happy for you Claudine!
Oh,he is just adorable...and I am SO GLAD you adopted him! I have NINE now---3 are 3 months old can anyone turn them away? I love the pic with your doll house!!
Your Mabel Cat is so priceless ! And Brian is so lucky to have found You! As you know I rescue dogs and I love that feeling of relief when all the fur kids get along as if it were meant to be.
I am so happy for you.
Be careful wirh a heart like yours, before you know it you will need a home in the country.
Lucky Brian - he looks just right in your home (I hope he doesn't get stuck in your dolls house though!).

The video of Mabel cat looking after Brian is so sweet, what a wonderful job she is doing. He's loving every lick of it too!
Brian is one very lucky kitten to be adopted by your family. I love the picture of him in the doll's house and I don't think he is going to get dirty again by the way Mabel was cleaning him.
Thanks for sharing
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fantastic! love the Mabel+Brian clip!
And he's so lucky to have found you!
what an adorable kitten! and that video of Mabel cat mothering him... priceless! So sweet!
Lucky kitty! Can't imagine our Molly taking to a new family member!
Happy craftin
Oh that brought a tear to me eye watching Mabel give Brian a wash. You are going to have to buy a Small Holding for all your animals soon. If it wasn't for my hubby my house would be packed to the rafters with animals! Thanks for sharing this joyful post, with the world in an upheaval to read a joyful post is wonderful.
Hello Claudine,

Oh, so sweet...I had to comment...
Love the name you gave him! :o)


~ Gabriela ~
Oh Claudine! What a wonderful thing you've done taking in such an adorable little kitty. The video of Mabel and Brian made my heart melt. They're all so lucky (Maggie too)! xo
SO CUTE! What a wonderful thing you have done, Claudine. Kindness to animals--especially babies! is never wasted. :-) H.
8 weeks? Sure he's not a mountain lion in disguise?? He's a doll and big!! He better enjoy the doll house right now 'cause at the rate he's growing he'll be looking for bigger quarters soon!! Precious!
Oh- this whole post (especially the video) made me cry! So happy for y'all :)
How exciting to have a new addition. Brian seems to fit right in, he doesn't even know how lucky he is! Love how Mabel is taking care of him!
This gave me such a good feeling:)
You will love having another cat! I have three and they are such good friends, as I can see Mabel and Brian have already become. I love kittens - thanks for sharing your excitement : ).
Awww. Loved the video. Brian is so adorable and I love the name. :-)))
Awwww Brian is so cute. You did a wonderful thing by rescuing him and giving him a home :)
Oh Brian !!
Thank you for taking him in and loving him !! There are so many poor little Brians out there. Our family has grown because of those poor little kittens who need homes - and they have made our family wonderful !!
And I love the picture of him snoozing on his front porch ... perfection !!
This is the sweetist story ever! And Mable accepted him to easily. So great to see more love come your way!

I love his name too!

I LOVE that you rescued that dear boy and gave him a "forever" home. Brian is sooo cute and looks like a wonderful addition to your already gorgeous family. You and your husband are very special people. I wish you and your family prosperity and a good, long, happy, healthy life!!
Brian is ADORABLE! And yay Mabel for mothering him, something I'm sure he missed in his first few rough weeks of life. I'm glad he's settled in so well. :)
awwww, what a sweety-kitty...glad he's found a good home!!!
Your new little guy is sooo cute and yes, he is big for just being 8 weeks old. Glad he found some new friends and a wonderful forever home! <3
Such a lovely story. Brian looks so happy. Mabel looks so happy with him! I love him in the doll's house. It reminded me of Alice in Wonderland. xx
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