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I'm back from a whirlwind 24 hour trip to visit the HSN offices in Tampa FL!

Me at HSN offices

As part of my visit I got to see the studios where they film the segments. They were getting set up for their Christmas in July specials when we peeked in. Lots of fashion and clothes lined up in the hallways ...  and all the ladies who work at HSN wear amazing shoes! I was inspired to buy shoes after that visit, shoe shopping is normally not high on my list of desirable activities, but now I'm inspired!

I can't reveal more about the visit/meetings at this time, but it was a great trip and I am hopeful for some exciting developments in the future! Fingers crossed!!


Wow, I hope we get to see you on HSN! I always get the urge to shoe shop when I'm away from home.
Awesome! Congratulations on getting to HSN!
Much luck to you! Keep us posted.
What a tease! I can't wait to see you on there. Let me know in plenty of time so I make sure I am watching!
I avoided the shopping channels like the plague (really: I would immediately de-program them from the remote, etc.) until I discovered that HSN has crafts. Hope your audition went well and we will see you on HSN soon!
Yay Claudine! If you're visiting HSN, you must be getting ready to do your own segment!! I sure hope deserve it! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too! <3 Candy
Exciting! Please keep us posted : )
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