happy birthday to me!
Today is my birthday!! Happy Birthday to me! I can not believe I am 36. Actually I spent the better part of this year thinking I was turning 35 until Paul reminded me that I was already 35 and now am turning 36. ha!


Today I plan to relax and try not to work (we'll see about that!)  Then tonight Paul and I will be heading out with our neighbors to a Christmas event at the Russian Cultural Center. Sounds like an amazing birthday to me!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Happy Happy Birthday!
I can't wait to see you in January!
Happy Birthday Claudine...hope you have a great day!!! Sounds like a fun evening...take care!!! Kirsti xx
Happy Birthday - hope you have a great one and we are all young at heart no matter what!
Happy, happy birthday day Claudine!! wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays too!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope it is a very special day for you~!~
Have a wonderful birthday and enjoy every special moment!

Deborah Douglas
What a joy you have been for 36 years. Happy Birthday to the best daughter in the world.

Happy Birthday Claudine!
Happy Birthday, Claudine.

Thank you or bringing so much wonderful art and inspiring techniques into the world.

You were the first artist I wanted to be like and I continue to love everything you do.

Hope the year ahead is absolutely magical.
Tell Paul to stop doing that!!! LOL. You can stay 35 if you want to. Wishing you an amazing 2011.
HAPPY Birthday, Claudine! May today be a day of FABULOUS surprises and total AWESOMENESS! :-) Hali
Happy, happy birthday...I hope you feel the joy that you so generously share with others all through the year! Enjoy your evening out :)
Happy Creative Birthday xx
thank you all for the sweet birthday wishes!!
I did the same thing once thinking I was a year younger then I was...ha! Cute birthday illustration and happy day to you.
wow! happy birthday claudine! i love ur blog, hope we can be friend, please visit my site back..

if you don't mind, may I put ur link to my blog? tq :)

i hope you had an amazing birthday!
Happy belated birthday to you, Claudine. Oh to be 36 once again...a fabulous, exciting age. Enjoy! Wishing you and your family a blessed holiday season.
Happy Belated Birthday to you and Merry Christmas, too.
well, that explains it - you are a Sagittarius! hope you had a terrific birthday and a happy Christmas!
Happy Birthday!!! I hope your birthday weekend is filled with fun and love.
Happy Birthday Claudine !!! Wish I could say I was going to be 36....but tomorrow I'll be turning 50 !!! Christmas time birthday girls just have to stick together....our special day often gets lost in the holiday shuffle !!!
Happy Birthday Claudine! Last year I did the same thing -- I thought I was 39 all year long until my birthday! Must be a thing with those of us born in December, hee hee. :)

Hope you had a terrific birthday, and big hugs to you! :)
We share the same birthday...except I'm a tad older than 36 but I stopped counting at 29! Hope you had a great day!
Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday all said in one breath! LOL, hugs and love to you and your family, sweet girl! marlynn
Dearest Claudine,
Happy belated Birthday!
May God always bless you!
Cheers =)
Happy {belated} Birthday! Hope you were able to celebrate with your dearest friends and family!
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