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My friend Bernie who runs A Place to Bark is in the running for the GoDaddy commercial contest. The winning prize is $250,000! Wow! That could go a long way to saving so many animals from death row and that's why we want her to win this amazing opportunity!

Please CLICK THIS LINK and then go and vote a rating of 5 on Bernie's commercial. 5 is the highest rating and you can vote ONCE A DAY!  Then tell all your friends! Post on Facebook, Twitter and email your friends too! 

Because of the recession this year has been very difficult for a lot of charities and A Place to Bark is not excluded. Time and time again Bernie has come so near to having to close and stop taking in dogs. But she forges on, with her own money and funds and the kindess of vets allowing her to carry a VERY LARGE medical bill balance.

With this money A Place to Bark would be able to pay off all the debt, finish the shelter and save SO MANY MORE lives!! This needs to happen. So please help us spread the word!!


Without A Place to Bark we wouldn't have our Maggie or our Stanley cat. Here's a photo of Maggie with me just minutes after we picked her up and were bringing her home! Saved from death row by Bernie - now spoiled rotten by us!!

Don't forget to CLICK THIS LINK and vote ONCE A DAY from now until October 18th. Don't forget to tell every single person you know to do it too!!!


Great cause! I voted my 5 stars. Will log on each day to help.
Catherine A
hdn4dbch at yahoo dot com
I cast my 5 star vote too!!

I love this picture of you and Maggie. She looks so relieved and happy to be adopted by a wonderful family.

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