illustration friday: beneath
I'm working with my dollhouse project again for this week's  illustration friday theme of  "beneath"

Still playing with my character, next challenge is to give her different expressions. I have to figure out how I am going to go about that.  Photoshop with definitely be involved!

For this piece Betty is vacuuming and of course the kitty runs beneath the bed as soon as the vacuum comes out! Our Mabel cat was the model for this kitty.


Here I am playing with a closeup and testing out the macro function on my camera. Not sure which one is my favorite the close up or the full photo image. I like them both!

have a great weekend everyone!

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is that Mabel cat under the bed?? S adorable. Love the 3D collage - how fun!!
Beautiful as always. I am about to finish the projects for the ecourse At Homewith.... I enjoyed it a lot. I wish I could find your line of products in Puerto Rico. I can only buy them online. I am in love with the sticky canvas, by the way!
Awwwwww! Adorable!
soooo funny, as always! great idea, beautifully done!
wonderful... You just reminded me ... I have to get out my duster. I like all the textures and true life touches.
Love the vingette feel! Always sunny around here...
love it! love how you are mixing it all up these days with the doll house!
This is such a fun idea, brings me back to when I made a paper dollhouse when I was little. I love the mix of 3D and 2D to create it. I'm just wowed by the idea! :D
love mabel and the quirky drawing of the vacuum:) love your style.
Hello Claudine,

Love this, and the feature of the cat is super cute!

~ Gabriela ~
Hi Claudine! Your work are amazing!
I love it!

What a fun creation. I'm guessing there's no dust under that bed - she looks far too efficient a housewife!
another great piece! I love the 3D work this is lovely and oh so fun. great submission ♥
What a wonderful way to start my day! Up early fighting with my computer and decided to see who twitter suggests I follow...and there is your fabulous site. I can't wait explore. Thank you!
Claudine, this is super adorable! It's giving me inspiration to pull my daughter's out of the storage box and work on it over the winter. Still looking to install lights? Here's a link you may like
Vacuuming in art? An interesting social comment? Great work! I am loving the series.
oh how fun Claudine. It's driving me crazy though to experiment too, but I dare get a doll house. I will have fun watching you though.
So did you end up keeping your same camera and using the macro or is this a new camera? Either way this image looks so much clearer than the fridge picture from before.

The scene is so adorable!
I love your work!

PS - Do you know of any major retailers that are carrying your new stamps? I want some SO bad but can only seem to find them on eBay.
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