orlando here I come (again!)
I'm on a plane and  headed back to Orlando today! This time it's a business trip, I'll be teaching at The Collins Group Show on Saturday for Ranger.


I am so thankful to be headed down to Orlando. This trip really couldn't have come at a better time. My Dad was admitted to the hospital as a result of the rigorous lung cancer treatments he's been undergoing. right now it seems the treatment is worse than the cancer! They are getting him back into shape with pain management, fluids and transfusions. I am so glad I'll be there to be with my Mom, able to visit my Dad, and help out where I can.

I'll be back on Tuesday so see you next week!

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So sorry to hear about your dad's cancer. Glad you get to go spend some time with them. Praying the pain subsides for him.
Love to you all. Have a productive trip and a reassuring visit.
God bless your Dad .. anyone that has dealt with or watched a loved one go through cancer knows those times when the meds seem worse than the disease. I'm so happy for you that you can share that time with both of them.
I am keeping your dad in my prayers for a speedy recovery and that the cancer is killed off...prayers for you and your mom too....Keep the faith....take care!!
Good luck with your workshop, your art is beautiful. I hope your dad gets well soon too.
Wishing you all the best in your travels and for your father's speedy recovery. Requesting a most benevolent outcome for all that you may encounter. Fondly, Roberta
LOVE the Doll House project. SO creative!
I'm wishing your family all the best... When my dad (and after my mum, but they both get well!) had cancer, in his chemo therapy, the doctors said it was very important he had a good diet, I hope your dad could eat <3
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