orlando here I come (again!)
I'm on a plane and  headed back to Orlando today! This time it's a business trip, I'll be teaching at The Collins Group Show on Saturday for Ranger.


I am so thankful to be headed down to Orlando. This trip really couldn't have come at a better time. My Dad was admitted to the hospital as a result of the rigorous lung cancer treatments he's been undergoing. right now it seems the treatment is worse than the cancer! They are getting him back into shape with pain management, fluids and transfusions. I am so glad I'll be there to be with my Mom, able to visit my Dad, and help out where I can.

I'll be back on Tuesday so see you next week!

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more dollhouse project
I'm still having fun playing with my Dollhouse Project. Here's my latest:


You may notice I am using the same cute gal in all the compositions. That's because I have a master plan of creating a graphic novel of sorts with her ... so I am testing out my main character. So far I think she's going to work!

Now to really start developing the story! I bought this book to help loosen up my rusty creative writing muscles. Of course when I bought it I had grand plans of writing each morning for an hour. ha! that hasn't happened yet with all the travel I've been doing. I'll let you know how I like it once I get started.


back from Maine!
I'm back from a wonderful weekend teaching at Artascope Studios in S. Portland Maine!

Here are a few photos of the workshop to share with you!

Class photo outside Artascope Studios.

Today we're working in beeswax!
We were all about beeswax this weekend!

Work by Catherine S. In my class!
Artwork in progress by Catherine Scanlon

We were treated to delicious catered lunches. The weather was beautiful and we enjoyed eating on the front porch of the studios.

Rosie, paying close attention in class!
Beautiful Rosie! brought to class as a treat for me by her "person" Karen Cheetham. Thanks Rosie for coming!

It was a lovely weekend with amazing people! Already looking forward to teaching at Artascope again next year. I wish they were closer to me, I would be there all the time!

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on my way to Maine!
I am all packed and ready to head out the door tomorrow morning to teach my weekend workshop at Artascope Studios in S. Portland Maine!

I'll be back Sunday night, follow me in my adventure: follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates!

My last workshop for 2010 will be in Reston VA. A fun Halloween Village workshop at Angela's Happy Stamper October 16th.

The next 3 day collage class that I'll be teaching will be in Bonita Springs FL Feb 17th - 19th 2011. Don't miss this class at a great location: the Bonita Springs Art League! More details here!

see you next week!

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back from florida
We're back from our little visit to Florida to see family. Maggie had quite the adventurous trip!

Maggie having a snooze on the long drive

First we started with a 14 hour drive from DC to Orlando. Maggie took it all in stride. I am trying to get her to use this new cool bed that we bought so I put it in the car. She used it but just for her head!

Boo + Maggie
At my parent's house she got along great with their cat Boo. Boo even liked Maggie!

Maggie meets my niece's guinea pig!
There was a visit to my brother and sister in-law's house and Maggie fell in love with our niece's guinea pig Flower. She sat outside Flower's cage for hours!

Maggie says vacation is exhausting!
Mid week we took at trip to St Augustine for our 9th Wedding anniversary. We stayed a B&B that was more kooky/old lady than it was cute and funky. But they always put you in the least cute room if you have a dog. Maggie didn't mind the decor, she thought the bed was snuggly and comfy!

Maggie dog checking out the ocean
We took Maggie to the beach for her first time! She loved splashing around in the waves and barking at the beach bikes!

Mom and Maggie!
Maggie and my Mom on our way out to lunch!

tired out on the ride home frm beach
Then our trip was over and another long drive back to DC!
happy anniversary!
Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary to my wonderful husband Paul!


I can't believe it has been nine years already! Thank you for being such a patient, incredible husband and friend. Thank you for taking such good care of me every single day! Without you, I would be living on microwave popcorn and cereal ;)

I love you so much!

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our suitcases are packed!
Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn, Paul and I will be loading up the car along with Maggie doggie for a 14-something hour drive to Orlando FL. Our friend will be here holding down the fort and taking care of the kitties so we won't have to worry about Stan and Mabel!


We'll be spending our trip visiting family and catching up, I haven't been down to Orlando and seen everyone since January. WAY too long!

I'll be updating via Twitter as we travel and while we're away and I'll be back in the studio on Sept 13th! Have a great Labor Day weekend!

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