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Every year I get a new kitchen calendar, I take down the old calendar and copy over birthdays and reminders into the new one.

As I go through each month seeing my old appointments, notes, trips it is like a year in review. When I read Dentist, Dr and hair appointments, I see between the lines of what on the surface seem like pretty generic calendar entries and they remind me of what happened in the last year. A vet appointment with Toby doesn't need to say much more than "Toby vet" for a flood of memories to come back.

2009 wasn't my favorite year. While it wasn't without happy moments it was a year in which change happened for better and for worse. I spent most of 2009 getting used to living in DC (after moving here from Orlando) and enjoying the city, the snow, making new friends.

Then just as we were feeling settled we learned Paul's company is closing their DC office and the renter of our home in Florida moved out. Everything is up on the air. Suddenly the future is uncertain. This time next year when I take down our kitchen calendar what will I see? A move to another state? Back to FL? Or will we be staying in DC?

Tonight, as I fill out my 2010 calendar with birthdays and reminders, I feel as if I am trying to see ahead into the future. I turn to the month of April and think "this should all be figured out by then" ... fingers crossed!


Oh, I love this, Claudine! Such a simple thing--changing over the calendar--but it has such a big meaning! Thanks for sharing this!
Oh gosh, Claudine -- you are not alone... I do this too! And I, too, am wondering what 2010 will hold. Trying to be conscious and not just live out of habit... which is not such a tiny thing sometimes.

I know that things are up in the air and scary right now - but know that we're all here for you -- we've got your back -- and that it is absolutely true what they say about when one door closes, another opens. I am sure that will hold true for you too!

Take good care, sweetie! Thinking good thoughts for you and Paul...

I do this, too! It's a bittersweet trip through the year..... :)
I know 2009 was rough for you but it was the year I got to collaborate with you on A Place to Bark, so I will always connect you and 2009 in a very positive way. Plus you lost Toby, but we all got to know him, and Mabel and Stanley cat and I love all those little beasties.

I hope 2010 is full of joy for you.

You are a very cool lady.


I am a calendar kind of girl. Fingers crossed for you and your hubby.

See u at CHA?

2008 was THAT YEAR for me. 2009 was okay, a year that started with mourning and gradually brightened up. I am hopeful for 2010; I think it will be a bright year for us all. Hang in will all work out in the end, even if it's in ways you can't possibly foresee now :-)
Well said Claudine - a little exciting but mostly scary and uncertain. My word for this year is "courage" I wish "courage" and, of course, happiness for you and Paul.
Claudine, I do this too! and for me the beginning of January is always hard as I get another year older! , but may 2010 be good for everyone, 2009 was not a good one for many people, and it is through strengths of friends and family, we will get through. May 2010 be very good for you
Best wishes for 2010!
I do the same thing & I too have had "that" kinda year where, in review, you wonder how you made it thru. Luckily there is always a silver some point...I'm sure 2010 will bring it out! Hang in there.
I love that I am not alone in looking at future months and thinking Phew! all this will be over by then! We can keep our fingers crossed anyway :) best wishes for 2010 Claudine, to you and Paul :)
Here's hoping for a glorious 2010 for you :-)
I do the same thing...I'm definitely a "calendar girl"...and, many years I have more than one! :) I like to at least have one more to write down thoughts, ideas, and such. And, I always look forward to filling out the new one each year. However, I, too, often wonder what the next days, weeks, months will bring and am trying so very hard to follow my chosen phrase and word for 2010..."Live in the Moment" and "Breathe". :) Easier said than done, huh?!! Hoping that 2010 will bring you much happiness and many sweet moments to fill up your new calendar...and, may the uncertainties work out better than you can even imagine! :)


Ann-Margaret's SpecialTea Shoppe
What a profound discovery!

I'd say pack up and move back to Florida by family! Plus it's much warmer!

Best wishes for 2010!
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