happy birthday to me ... i think
Today is my 35th birthday and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

For me 35 was one of those "mile marker" birthdays. The birthday that seemed so far away in my 20s that I would say to myself "by the time I am 35 I will know X, Y & Z."

Anytime something came up that I didn't know the answer to I would put it off until I was 35.

"By 35 I will know if I want to have kids, or live in the city, or have my illustration career running smoothly."

By 35 it will be figured out. Surely, by then I will know the answers to the questions I have.

Well here's 35! Do I have anything figured out? No way! But I guess that's 1/2 the fun. Right?
Happy birthday to you Claudine!

I think not knowing is what makes life interesting! :)

Have a great day!
Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday, Claudine. You've been much on my mind because I'm doing a beeswax collage right now and I learned about this fun from you during your blast of a workshop a few years ago on Whitbey Island. Health, happiness, prosperity and peace to you in this year ahead. Remain fearless.
Mary Ellen
ah i get what you mean, i'll be 42 next week, so already quite past my dreaded 40 mark and have i got it figured out? hahahaha no!

have wonderful day 35 is nice place to be!

Happy Birthday Claudine! It's funny to envision how you will be at a certain age, for me it's never how I envision it. I only know that my husband and I have now pushed "old" waay back. We are in our late 50's and have decided now that 70 is old. I'm sure we will change our minds again as we get closer to 70.
Happy Birthday Claudine, enjoy being are only as old as you
Happy 35th Claudine. I think we're still wondering what life's about when we hit the 100 mark, so no worries. Enjoy!
Wishing you lots of happiness and joy on this birthday.
Happy Birthday Claudine!!! Sometimes it takes a lifetime to figure it all out. Enjoy the ride!
Think how boring it would be to have it all figured out! :) Enjoy YOUR day and celebrate all the goodness in your life. Jessica
Happy Birthday!!!
Have a wonderful bday :D
Bon anniversaire Claudine!
Happy Birthday Claudine! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)
Happy Birthday and here is wishing you get all your wishes to come true! hugs,
Auguri from Italy! I think it's perfectly fine to not have done it all by xx age...because it means you still have a lot of fabulous things to look forward to doing. Right?! :P
happy happy 35th! you are so young. you have plenty of time to figure it all out!
Well in March I will be celebrating my 49th and I still have many many questions that are left unanswered. I think that's part of life and wonder if I would still enjoy it if I had all the answers. What would I strive for then? Where would the mystery be? Still...those unanswered questions can be pretty frustrating sometimes can't they? I hope that you have a very very happy birthday Claudine and my wish for you is that you find the answers you desire.
Happy Birthday, Claudine! I felt the same way when I turned 50 recently. Our path is paved. There are no bells or lights that go off that tells you it's time to have kids.. just go for it, if that's what you want. I can only imagine you and Paul being wonderful parents.
Happy birthday Claudine. 35 is just a number! I'll trade ages with you:)
I think it was Picasso who said he spent the first half of his life becoming an adult and the last half learning to be a child.... happy birthday!
I'd love to be 35 again but then I wouldn't have my gorgeous daughter, Claudine. And given the alternative 71 doesn't seem soooo bad.

Luv mummy
Happy Birthday!!! and you know age is merely a number's all about your inner child and how you feel!!!

Have some cake and cupcakes for us!!!
Happy, happy birthday. And, remember...the years are about the packaging, not the spirit. And, people just get better and better with age! =)
Yay birthday twin! It's always nice to find people who share my birthday! I turn 25 today and I thought the same thing about this one. It's the monumental quarter-of-a-century birthday. Time passes so quickly, and life doesn't always go as planned but I think that what you say about it being half the fun is so true! We'll see what this year beings, but I know for sure you'll have ton of success! I admire your work regularly. Happy birthday to us :)
Hey, I hear ya!!! Shortly before my 35th birthday I was ironing (yeah, it was a long time ago) a blouse, and suddenly started crying. I'd just realized I would soon be 35 and 35 was 1/2 of 70 and that was OLD! My 35th was my hardest birthday - ever! But ust me when I say this: If you are lucky, they keep on coming! That was almost 23 years ago, and I'm still kicking and welcome each and every birthday with childish glee! Awwwwww, what are you worrying about anyway, you're just a baby! :o) Becky G.
Happy Birthday! Ha ha, I feel exactly the same about age and how that would sort things out...:D
Claudine, I think that the Universe has been trying to teach you lately that you *shouldn't* have everything figured out! :) I hope that you've had a very great day and I hope that 35 is a wondrous and magical age for you!
Happy Birthday...I asked my MIL who is 87, if she has it figured out and she said no
Best to you on your special day. I'm so far past 35 it is but a distant memory! As an observer of art it looks to me like you have done pretty well in your 35 years! Hope you have a grand celebration.
Happy Birthday!
Who cares what number society makes us throw on our license ? Do you feel good ? Enjoying life ? Then don't worry. I will be 43 in another month. SO what ? Enjoy the life you are living and leave the numbers to the mathematicians, ;)
Happy birthday, Claudine..
congratulations on a milestone birthday! ; )
Considering the probability that you'll live till your 90s, 35 years is barely a third of your life. What would you do for the remaining 2/thirds if you did have it all figured out already? Happy birthday and many more!!
Happy belated birthday to you. 35 was a big one for me too. Now that I am 55 there are still so many questions. I don't know all of the answers yet but, I am enjoying the journey.
well Happy Birthday! and when you turn 49, you will wonder why you thought 35 was so old!
You can't look at these without smiling ;-)
Hi Claudine, my birthday twin!!! I don't have it figured out yet either. Maybe next year!!!!
Happy Birthday to you!! (sorry, I'm a day late) actually thats the story of my life a day late & a dollar short!
It constantly amazes me that my drivers license says 47 but I swear inside I am only 17!!
I may grow old - but I REFUSE to grow up. (Even as a grandma of 2!)
Hope it was an amazing day!
Happy Belated 3-5!! Hope it was a great one =)
Happy belated birthday. I 'enjoyed' that one a couple of years ago and now I'm counting backwards!! Hope you enjoyed your day.
Hope your birthday was fabulous, Claudine!! I just turned 50 in September, and I can tell you that it only gets better!!! Don't try to get it all figured out--the mysteries in life are what keep it interesting!!! Take care!
I love your blog. I like collage more and more.
Wishing you very happy belated Birthday! Wishing you many,many more fun Happy Birthday to come.
It's funny how we think we'll know it all when...

and then we don't.

I guess those are just our expectations, not the way things are supposed to be at all.

The more I age I realize that people I looked up to as a kid who were my age now were really just big kids anyway:)
HAPPY BIRTHDAY - I hope all your dreams and wishes come true~!~
HAPPY B-Day, Sweetie! I remember when I thought 30 was O-L-D. What's that quote?

You don't stop playing
because you grow old.
You grow old
because you stop playing.

May today & all days be days of FUN, LAUGHTER, & PLAY! :-) Hali
Happy Belated Birthday, sweetie! I'm turning 35 on January 3rd! Which leaves less than a week for me to figure a few things out too! ;-)
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