DC snowstorm!
Lots of excitement here with the "Big Blizzard"! Paul and I were all nice and cozy inside, after awhile we got a little cabin fever, ventured out into the snowy downpour and took some cell phone pics! Here they are!

Swann ST NW looking beautiful in the snow!

Tiny car with lots of snow!

Dupont Circle fountain

The day after the storm at Meridian Hill Park in NW
Nice pictures. I love how everything looks with the snow and that 'little car with lots of snow' is cute!
Is that little car a Smart ?

Here in Milan friday we had snow, but only 2/3 centimeters (one inch).

Buon 'bianco' Natale !
Too cute the "little car" looks like a They need to put a flag on the antenna so that the snow plow doesn't plow over Doesn't this make you miss Florida? I'm just not a snow lover anymore...had enough of it in New Hampshire for years and now that we are in North Carolina for 15 years...I can't ever go back. Have a warm Christmas and a Happy New Year Claudine, fondly, Roberta

Wish I could see that in person
The Smart car looks like it needs a blankie!

I wish you and your family have a warm holiday!
Nothing but RAIN here in Oregon. Boo! Hiss! All that snow looks like great fun if you don't have to go anywhere. I love the picture of the Smart car. I'd be afraid the roof might cave in though!
Thanks for the photo of the Dupont Circle fountain. The place I work for is located at One Dupont Circle, but I telecommute from out of state so I didn't have to deal with all the snow--this time. We got plenty of our own last week. LOL!
nice pics!its totaly snowy all over.very cute pics.
I love your snow photos!
i especially love the tiny car photo
and the first one!
Holy cow, how beautiful! I do wish we would get a little snow. We are supposed to have the Winter Olympics here in Vancouver in a few weeks and we're not getting any snow! Raining like crazy. Hopefully that will change soon. We usually get quite a bit of snow (though not as much as you have) around this time of year. Please make a cute snowman for me!
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