scrapbooker's creativity kit!
I just got the advance copy of my new book The Scrapbooker's Creativity Kit! I am so excited to be able to share it with you!

This book isn't like my other books, it's based on an idea generation process that we did when I was in art college. I loved working in this method when I was in college and I still use it today I am excited to be sharing with you my variation of it with this new kit.

Here are a few photos so you can see what it's like:

This is the front of the kit, it's a box that you open up and all the goodies are inside. I love the packaging!

When you open the kit, this is what you'll see! At the top left there is a deck of word prompt cards and on the right there are the color prompt cards.

Opened up for you to see here - is the book part of the kit. Which explains the process, and is loaded with examples from designers in each section.


This is the back of the kit with the blurb!
The book isn't available until January but you can pre-order it from Amazon now!



Let me be the first to say, "HURRAY! Claudine has a new book and it looks FABULOUS!" I can't wait to see it and you at CHA! My new books debut then too, so we must have a book debut celebration!

This is such a brilliant idea I'm quite sure you're going to sell a gazillion copies! GO CLAUDINE!

Yay, Claudine! So glad you're happy with the kit. I think it looks fabulous. I even used the color cards to decide what to wear one day.

Congratulations on your new book. I can't wait to get it.
Oh WOW!!! off to pre-order this for sure, as I use and love your previous two books. This is so exciting!!
Congratulations on the book!
I think this will be challege for me. Although it may prove constructive with the card game approach! All the best!
ava, cottagerca
That looks so fun and fresh to the bookstand! Congrats!!!! Thank you for the box of goodies, I'm using them for a special December column!!!
How wonderful! I love your books and your DVDs, maybe I can get DH to buy me a copy for X-mas.
that looks awesome! I already have your other two books...but this one looks like a must have too!
congrats om your new book! it looks like a fun one to have!

xx tanya watts
WOW! this looks cool, let's hope I can pre-order in the UK!
Thank you for shoeing us
Jennie x
this is fantastic claudine, congrats to you! you continue to amaze and inspire - thank you!
Hi Claudine. I signed up for the SIS class - got registered and got a password but am unable to find out how to get into the classroom. Emailed them last night for some instruction but havent heard anything yet. When I go to their link for online classes it's only for the sign up, not the class. I dont want to miss out! Any idea as to what to do? Thanks....mary Lib

hi there! I don't see your email in your post or I'd email you. if you email me (claudine at collageartist dot com) I'll FWD your info. to them to get it all sorted out!!
My hubbie pre-ordered this for me about 5 months ago. I am excited to see it when it ships! Thanks for the sneak peek!
I can't wait to get this!!! It looks fabulous!
It looks even more fabulous than when you first told us about it! Congratulaions!
Claudine - congrats! Super exciting for all of us. Can't wait to see it. Woohoo! xog
This looks sooooo cool! Off to make an order!

Hi Claudine -Mary Lib again. Got info from Gary about how to get into the classroom. For some reason I didnt get the original info. Looks like fun. I'll try to make the chat tonight since I'm a little behind...thanks,

This book looks great! Can't wait to get it!

BTW, I enjoyed your workshops this past weekend in Raleigh! So much fun!

Claudine, the book looks fantastic!
how exciting!
this looks like so much fun!! thanks for the sneak peek! :)
Wow, Claudine, this book looks GREAT! You are one busy woman!

I love your books - you are so great at breaking things down and explaining the process clearly. I am looking forward to adding this new kit to my collection!
I fell in love with multi-media when I made our family heritage scrapbooks, and I have a great love of scrapbooking. This will refuel my memory book fever.
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