the only good thing about winter
The only good thing about cold weather in my book is the fact that I can now buy as many scarfs as I like! I am a scarf-a-holic and not afraid to admit it! Most of the time even in semi warm weather I will be wearing some sort of scarf. I am always cold, and there's nothing like a scarf to keep to you warm. I have spring, summer and fall scarfs and now a cute winter scarf too!


This is one that I got from Betz White. Love her work! So whimsical and fun! You should check out her felted cupcakes. Too cute!

It warmed up last week but now it's cooling down and soon I'll be able to wear cute scarfs like this every day! That might make the winter seem just that little bit more fun!

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Hi Claudine, popped on over to see what you're up to and hopefully your panic attack over the make-n-take is over and you now have it done. That is definitely one happy scraf you have there -you might want to make sure you have a snack on hand so you won't be tempted to eat those colorful pom pom's. i needed another scraf and I remembered that Rachel over at Red Velvet Art had a scraf tutorial from last November and decided to use that for my scraf and now I'm wanting to make more! Happy happies to you. Joyce
so love the scarf - just too cute and playful looking!!!
I think I will stick with the warm of Orlando....I moved to the sunshine state over 20 years ago from NY and have not been back and I so do not miss snow and the cold - scarves can be so much fun--
okay that scarf is just totally adorable. Love it.
love the scarf--never really been a scarf wearer but may give it a try.

Love that scarf, so cute! Just wanted to pop in and warn you not to pack up too much of your warm stuff *just yet*. We have a tendency to get another warm spell before the real cold hits. We might get one tiny bit of snowfall before Thanksgiving, then we warm up for a few days again and then it gets cold. Now that I have warned you, none of this will happen of course :) Welcome to DC!
i love the scarf! i have several that i've made myself. one for fall weather and one for cold weather. i'm on the cold weather one now. it's freezing in chicago!
Here in L.A. we're kinda glad to finally be getting some weather!
This scarf is absolutely Betz, and I love that you shared it with us. I love her stuff. I've actually worn a scarf my friend knitted for me a couple of times already, and it hasn't even been that cold yet. Scarves are FAB.
Ok..I'll admit's a really cute PINK scarf!! All my scarves are black, brown, copper...oh know...neutral...neutral...neutral...
have a great time at the show and knock um dead!
wonderful scarf Claudine!!! and the cupcakes in her shop are adorable!!!

thanks for sharing...

Adorable scarf. It is probably one of the only good things about the cold! :)
That is so cute!
could i mention hot chocolate with whipped cream & chocolate syrup...
Although I LOVE your scarf! I mostly wanted to pop by to say HELLO! We just got your FULL LINE of products (FINALLY) in stock from Ranger and put them into our online store I hope it's OK that we featured you and your products on our blog today to build excitement for the new goodies??? Good stuff Girl! Great Job!
O.K. That scarf is too cute!
I'm a coat-a-holic so I'm right there with ya!
Hey Claudine, I'm with you on this one. I LOVE scarves. I am "knit challenged" because I cannot ever remember how many stitches I made and it just is too complicated for me. A couple of years ago I discovered the Knifty Knitter sets by provocraft (almost too easy to be real knitting), and I've been knitting to my hearts content.

Some day I hope to be able to add bling. Maybe sewing on some felt balls would do the trick!

love it! betz always makes the best things doesn't she.
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