weekend's over
The weekend's over and I spent almost all of it working on CHA samples. Big giant thanks to Lori who came over and helped me with part of the display. You are amazing! thank you!

I still have lots more work to do this week for CHA and then also some custom artwork orders to work on too. These are my last orders until after the move. All new orders will be started in September. I hate to put everything on hold like that but I have to get this move done and then I can concentrate!

Paul cleaned out the garage, we posted a bunch of stuff on freecycle and gave some away to the Salvation Army. Still tons and tons more stuff to go through but we are getting there.

Tomorrow the handyman comes to hang some new bathroom lighting and also re-grout the showers. Lots of things that we meant to do and now wish we had done earlier to enjoy them. oh well. next house!


hi Claudine,
I wish i was going to CHA Just to see everyone again.
stay well
hi claudine!
I hope you are doing okay from the stress of moving. I have moved recently and I know what you mean about feeling emotional about it. The adventure is going to be amazing tho! I am a long time fan of your art and I wanted to let you know about a giveaway I'm having on my blog! Just leave a comment on and I'll draw on Friday! thanks for your inspiration! molly
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