stanley's new shirt
I put this little vest (made out of one of Paul's socks) on Stanley to prevent him from licking the Frontline that I had applied.


I try not to put that stuff on our pets, but here in FL in the summer you have to, or else the fleas will have a field day! Stan has an amazing ability to twist his head around and lick the Frontline which makes me worried he will get sick. So I made this little vest for him to wear while it dries. I learned this sock-vest trick from Christina who used it on her cat when she was spayed to prevent her from licking the stitches.

This was my first time trying out the vest and he was not happy wearing it. Mabel didn't recognize him in his little outfit and started hissing at him so I had to take it off. He looked cute wearing it though!

I am off to bed. Long day working on CHA samples. The show is around the corner and still lots and lots of work to do!


I made my cat Samson wear one of those cones for a good while because he had this habit of scratching his face and causing sores and just wouldn't stop. He didn't like it, but it healed. I don't think he'd appreciate the sock either!!

Poor little witties!
I love it! Now you just have to make Stanley some matching leg warmers out of pair of gloves!
Stanley, sorry but you look so darn deer-caught-in-the-headlights CUTE with that little band-aid on!! :)
hee! stanley looks so preppy in his little vest!

it cracks me up when cats don't recognize each other and hiss.
I ended up buying my cat Cinnamon a little doggie t-shirt to wear when he was pulling out his fur. He wore it for a week and actually got used to it. And boy did he ever look cute in it too!
Oh, he looks cute. Poor thing.
okay that is just so totally cute and original
He is so CUTE!
Too bad that Mabel was grumpy about the whole thing...
Hope you had fun with your CHA samples, not to soon and I can have a lookie, yay!
Take care and don't stress too hard!
Great idea! to bad I didn't think about it when my cat was spayed - she actually managed to open the stitches.
By the way
I love your art!
What a great idea...that is much more comfortable looking than the cone around the head!
What a clever idea for your kitty! My cats always get SO mad at me when I put Frontline on them. They won't talk to me for days!

Looking at your book selection. We have read a lot of similar books. I'll have to take notes of the others and add them to my To Read list.

Don't worry about Stanley getting sick from licking the Frontline. It goes straight into his bloodstream anyway, and is already destroying his kidneys. Use a natural spray instead or feed him (as I do my many Florida cats and dogs) "Petguard" yeast and garlic powder, available at most health food stores in the pet section.
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