what a weekend!
I knew this whole moving thing would be emotional. But I was totally unprepared for just how emotional!

Last weekend was probably one of the most stressful two days that I can remember.

We raced all around with a Realtor and also by ourselves. We quickly discovered that what they call a den in DC is about the size of our master bedroom closet here in Florida. We thought we could get a one bed + den and I could put my studio in the den and boy were we wrong!! Never ever could I get any work done in that "den", maybe one table could fit in there but not all my other art stuff.

Then we found a place that we liked in a row house in Kalorama and the person wouldn't rent to us because of our 2 cats and one dog. Which seemed ridiculous to me because the person who rented the other unit had a Cujo-esque German Sheppard barking all the time. Cats are very quiet even if there are two of them. And Toby, we practically carry him from room to room. Can't get much more quiet than Toby. We started to get worried we wouldn't find anywhere who would take us and our pets! I had a major meltdown when this place rejected us because of our furry family members!

In the end we ended up renting a place that a friend of Paul's lives in and they need to move back to Orlando. They literally just discovered they are moving back to Orlando and it seemed to be fate that it worked out. They need someone to rent their condo and we needed a place to rent. perfect! They don't mind about our pets and even better it's two bedrooms. It's on U street , (which when I lived there before you didn't set foot in that area) but now 11 years later it's very trendy with jazz clubs and cake and coffee shops. I even found the organic pet food store which made me feel at home just knowing I can get the pet food near by. And it's 3/4 of a block to the metro. yay! And it has garage parking and 24 hour security. Double yay!

Because we are moving from our house which is 1700sq feet to the new place that is 800 sq feet, we have to get rid of more than 1/2 our furniture to fit in the place. I keep telling myself "it's just furniture" still I am so attached to it. Which then makes me mad at myself for being so attached to objects. Letting go of all this stuff is really a lot harder than I thought it would be. A lot harder.

My mom and dad are trying to work as much of our furniture into their home as possible which is so sweet of them. We don't know how long we'll want to live in the city so we'd love to hang onto as much of it as possible for at least a year or two to see if we end up moving to the suburbs for more space.

Now praying that someone will come and rent our house!

So that was our weekend!! whew!!

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oh moving is soo stressful! I remember moving back to Massachusetts after living in Brooklyn, NY for over 10 years and lucky me I had the opposite with space, I got more and needed furniture to fill it up. However I did miss all the walking to my favorite stores and my friends of course, but I finally had a studio and lots of space!

Good luck on your next adventure! I think when we change things up, our lives become more rich!
I really feel your pain. We talk about relocating and I get emotional just thinking about it. Is this a long term move away from Orlando? Good luck on renting!
have my fingers crossed that you find some terrific renters for your house. Sounds like things are really falling into place for your move. Isn't it amazing how 'attached' to the things we have in ourlives? This spring in Nebraska has been one of wild get into the basement kind of weather and it really makes you think about what you would do if 'everything' would blow away. May your new place become a home REALLY fast!!! Sending good thoughts your way.
Hi Claudine,
Awesome you found a place! Moving is one of life's most stressful events! Hang in there! When I moved to Alaska from Seattle, I rented a storage unit for about a year, before bringing up all my stuff to my new home. It worked out well for me.

Your new neighborhood sounds cool!

Oh Hunny - I sympathise completely, glad you found somewhere though and it will all be worth it!

Big hugs

Traci x
Claudine, when my family and I moved to England from our native Texas last year, we went from a lovely 3,000+ sq ft home to a 400 sq ft flat in London (for six weeks), to a 800 sq ft townhome in a little town about an hour from London (for eight months), to a 1,200 sq ft detached home 40 minutes away from the big city (six months and counting). Moving really is hard work and having to make decisions about your things--even harder! And having to worry about the furry children--more stress! But one step, one breath at a time.

Congratulations on making this wonderful, exciting move. I look forward to hearing more about your new adventure!

PS We have two storage units back in Texas since our move is only for three years. We still gave LOTS of stuff away. Actually, an appalling amount of stuff!!
Oh Claudine, I do understand the stress of moving. I don't know if it makes it better to hear other's stories....but here goes.

When we decided to move from San Diego to MA, we did so with no jobs and no place to live. Our entire lives were in a U-Haul truck, towing my little red Datsun. We hooked up with a realtor we had met over the phone from CA, and he was relentless in finding us, and our dog, a home. (He and is wife are now among our best friends and we are the godparents to their first born.) This was twenty years ago this summer. At the time I was like you are now....crying, migraines, fear and panic. But, you know, things have a way of working out and I can see that you are already on that path with your new condo to rent. You have a world of blog friends who are thinking good thoughts for you. All the best, my dear.
Maybe Paul's friend can move into your house, since they need to move back to Orlando anyway!
Welcome back to DC! :)

We used to live a stone's throw from there. But after our last move, not so much anymore. It was a very bittersweet move.
I think that , no matter how much we protest that it does not bother us, change is a difficult thing. Even if it is a good one....for all the best reasons. I hope that you will be able to at least store your things until you get a better grip on where you want to be.Blessings.
Moving is the number one stresser...trumps almost everything else. Sounds like you are in the phase of life where "things" are kind of dragging on your possibilities. I learned an important lesson when we left our 2500 square foot home and began retirement traveling in a very small RV....simplify! I can't tell you how much happier we are now. (We do still have a very small storage unit but I'm hoping to simplify that down soon too).
It will all work out for you.
So, don't the friends moving back to Orlando, need to rent your house?!
glad to hear things are starting to fall into place, always felt that pets and a 6' long dinning table helped us find the right places as we moved from state to state cross country!
hang in there!!!
When my hubby and I moved into our home 15 years ago, I swore I'd never move again. It was so very stressful, so I totally "get" where your head is at. I also "get" how attached we can be to material things. Artists are born collectors of things, we see the beauty and value in everything. Have you thought about renting your home out furnished? You might be able to find a nice retired couple who want a Florida place they don't have to furnish. This year we drove down from Toronto to rent a condo for a month (Feb) over in Cape Canaveral (just north of the pier; my hubby grew up in Satellite Beach so that part of Florida is our second home....) and if he was a little closer to retirement we'd rent your place, furnished, and we'd head down to Orlando until you wanted your house back! :-)
Hang in there, life is about to throw you one heck of an adventure. It'll turn out to be great, just you wait and see!
So glad serendipity intervened for you, I can't believe that people turn away renters because of pets, trust me, kids are WAY more destructive than fur babies!
It sounds like a wonderful place, and you can make it work, sounds like loads of wonderful inspiration waiting to be found!
thanks so much everyone! hearing all your moving stories makes me feel better.

We did ask Paul's friend if they wanted to rent our house in Orlando but they want to be in another area of Orlando to be closer to her parents.

Hoping to get some foot traffic from renters this weekend!
Wow... exciting yet stressful that you are moving. I have never spent much time in DC sounds like an amazing place, how wonderful that your friends had a condo available for you to rent in a great part of town. tena

Hi It's Katie, your assistant at the Inspired Conference in NC. Anyway, SO thrilled to hear that you will be moving to DC. I live three hours away and my husbands' family lives there. Would love to catch up with you,

Just a thought, how about renting the furniture with the house? that way you can still keep it and have someone take care of it. And best of all it does not have to be moved anywhere.
Good luck, but so far, you have had lots of it in finding the condo in DC the fates are smiling on you. Go with it!
Congrats, Claudine! You succeeded in doing the almost-impossible by finding a place that will rent with furbabies in dc in one weekend! Yay!
Remember the word---storage--you can store for a while and then sell later if you wish--it's harder to get things back. Also, when I get rid of things that have sentimental value but I know I will never use again, I take a photo of them so I have the image to elicit the happy feelings. Jood
congrats on the move Claudine...everything will work out!
Hi Claudine, I feel your pain, hang in there....sounds like things are falling into place. We just moved from the Midwest to the Southwest so that was quite a change in itself! I have to tell you too that I know what you mean about being attached to 'things'. We purged quite a bit before the move and it actually was quite freeing! It will all work out, give it some time :>

P.S. Looking forward to seeing your new work @ ConvenZioNE in August
yay what a busy week indeed.. but congrats on your new home and i know things would turn out great! there's a new chapter in your life to fulfill 8D

have a great week!
So happy you found a place! Having been through this a few times, I can only say that I wish I had listened to all the people who told me to lighten the load. Years later, I see that I missed a great chance to let go. Everything is find-able again. Just keep what has sentimental value- and not even all of that. (Then come over here and tell me to do the same.)Wishing you the best with all to come, Claudine! xoC
You are so brave Claudine! The dust will settle, and you will begin to get your marbles back... or at least count the ones your taking with you. I'm so glad things came together with your friends moving to Orlando. It's nice to have a friend in the city but it is much nicer to not be homeless! (Did that make sense? It's late and maybe my sense of humor is a little wacky right now). Anyway, I wish you all the BEST!!! I've never been to DC but my MIL used to live there, I actually never got ocer there for the two years they lived there, I wish I had because I know it is one very cool city!!! :)
I'm sorry to be losing our only big name collage artist here in Orlando! I live in Orlando a few miles from where you do (in Ocoee) and it was always nice to think, "I shop at the same Michael's at Claudine does." It's going to be wonderful to live somewhere so exciting though, and with four seasons plus no boiling summers. Visiting Art and Soul convention in Virginia will be easy...I'm excited about this move for you! Best wishes, Jane
Welcome [back] to DC! I enjoy and admire your work and it's wonderful that you'll be living here. Makes the cachet of this city even better.
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