it's tuesday but it feels like monday!
Paul and I are back from our weekend away in DC. It was totally fun! I got to see my old neighborhood, my old apartment building too.

We were passing by my old building on 18th & Q and I saw an "open house" sign for one of the condos. I said to Paul, "let's go in so I can see the old lobby and stuff!" So we went in and the open house was my friend's old condo #113!!! The guy who bought it from her was now selling it so I got to see her old condo. I spent so much time in that condo it was as good as getting to see my own and brought back so many memories, of late nights and hot chocolate's on her couch.

I walked past where I used to work on Dupont Circle at Super Crown Books, which is now Books-a-Million. I remembered all my late Saturday nights working and all the kooky people that would come into the bookstore. I was never at a loss for stories when I was working there!!

The rest of the weekend we went and met up with friends. We got to see Lesley and her husband and her cute house. We had Thai in Bethesda. Bethesda is really hopping now, lots of neat stuff to do.

Then we met up with one of Paul's friends and his wife had brunch at Kramer Books & Cafe and then we saw the new Indiana Jones film (we thought it was just OK) at the Verizon Center in China Town. That was not even there when I lived in DC and it's really great. Very nice movie theater. I remember when I lived in DC before we had to watch movies at the Dupont Circle theater and one of the rooms had a giant pole down the middle of it so if you sat near it you couldn't see anything!

Monday I bought some clothes at the H+M near Metro Center. Then walked around past the White House and then walk
ed my old route home from the Corcoran Museum where I went to college. It was very nostalgic. I really miss being in college, it was so wonderful all that time to focus on yourself and just learn, learn learn. But when I was IN college I was so stressed out about what I would do to make a living afterwards that I didn't really enjoy my senior year. If only someone had told me it would all work out.

The Tabard Inn hotel that we stayed in actually turned out to be a very enjoyable experience. Last time we stayed there in 1998 they lost our reservations, never apologized even though I was crying all over the place, then we did get a room it was a room right next to construction that started at 6am, where the guys on the ladders were eye level with our room window and you couldn't even change without fear of them peeping in. It was hot, the window AC unit didn't work very well, there was no TV, no free breakfast, and the bathroom had one of those louvered doors on it like a saloon which did not give ANY privacy.

Well THIS time we stayed at the Tabard Inn, we got a lovely room with a view of the garden cafe and a bathroom with a real door on it, free breakfast and a teeny TV but it was a TV!! We did have to borrow the iron and hairdryer from the front desk which was a little weird for a room you are paying almost $200 a night for. You'd think they could put a hairdryer in the rooms, even Motel 6 has in-room hair dryers. But it is an eclectic and artsy hotel it's really fun to stay there rather than the generic chain hotel. If you do stay there, just make sure you get a room with a private bath, they do have rooms with SHARED bathrooms. Shudder. Also I would recommend calling and confirming your reservations maybe a couple times before your trip.

I have to admit I do get a little freaked out staying B&Bs because if you watch Weird Travels on the Travel Channel, it's always the B&Bs that are haunted and never the Embassy Suites. I warned Paul that we might have to sleep with the light on, but the first night I managed to sleep with it off and we were good to go. I did make Paul check the closet and close the door tight before we could turn the light off.

On the flight home Paul and I were cracking up laughing with tears rolling down our cheeks. We were watching this man across the aisle feverishly working his way through In Touch Magazine. He had a pen in hand and was blacking out teeth and adding mustaches to all the famous women. It was hysterically funny and creepy all at the same time. We could barely contain ourselves laughing! yay! What a fun trip!


Welcome back and I am glad to read that you enjoyed where you stayed and had a fun trip.
Sounds like Perez Hilton on the plane! His celebrity gossip blog has pictures he screws around with. ;-)
Sounds like a great trip !! Good for you !!!
Sounds like a wonderful trip!
The guy had to be a hoot to watch,
I think I might need a new hobby...
Hi! I just have a quick do you make prints of your original paintings? Do you scan & print them at home? Is there any other way? thanks again!
molly kate -- hi there! I actually don't make prints myself because I haven't bought an archival printer, but Epson makes ones that does have archival inks that you could print from home onto nice paper and then sell.

The plaques that I sell on Etsy I have a company print them for me so they will be lightfast :)
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