I made Martha Stewart's top ten list of TV Crafts!
The segment that I did on the Martha Stewart Show last September is now listed on her web site in her Top Ten list of TV crafts!!
Click here to see. AND it's the first one on the list!! yay! So excited. I am working hard on my proposal to see if I can get on the show for this season as well. Keeping fingers crossed they like my new ideas!

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WOO HOO! Congrats Claudine!
OMG! How cool!! Congrats!
That is soooooooo Awesome! Good for you.
Congrats...and OF COURSE you'll be on the show again :) Sending good vibes your way !!!
You are so awesome and creative! Congratulations!!!
How wonderful! But I am not surprised! You were my favorite guest of the entire season!

Good luck at Ranger U! Give Tim a hug!

jackie smith
Wow! That's wonderful! Congrats, Claudine
Couldn't have happened to a better artist, yay!
big big BIG congrats -- more Martha -- how can we ever get enough!! Right on :)
Congrats Claudine, it does not surprise me at all since you were always one of my favorite guests on Craft Lab. I think I have projects by under 10 guests on display in my house and 2 of those are yours!
I saw that and thought it was awesome! Congrats on making the top ten...hope you get to be on again.
I saw the show and enjoyed it so much! You are so beautiful and very, very talented. I hope you get to do another show on Martha! I've got my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for ya! Wishing you all the very best and more shows!!!
vanessa newton
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