hoping to sleep tonight
All this excitement and stress over the move is really getting in the way of my usual 10 hours of sleep at night. Now I lay in bed with my mind racing. Will we find a place to live in DC this weekend? Will we be able to find someone to rent our house? Is it hard to get on COBRA? Don't forget to pressure wash the house and re-caulk the showers. Plus all the things I have to get done before CHA. My brain will not shut up!


As you can see here Mabel seems to have no problem at all sleeping. I love how her belly hangs over her leg. So chubby! Nothing puts a smile on my face like looking at Mabel and her snuggly belly.

OK! I am going to get a little work done tonight and then I am going to try and get some sleep too.

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Cute picture of Mabel :)
Trust God and try to enjoy the entire process.
My late-mother's advice would be to just go with it. "This too shall pass, dear," was one of her classic lines. Remember, life is an adventure!
Congratulations Claudine!
I just got caught up on your exciting news!
Mabel looks so cute! I am really excited for you and Paul!
Claudine, try not to stress so much that you don't relish the fun of all of this as well as your pride in Paul's accomplishments (and your own). Been there, done that, and ended up losing some of the joy. Hoping you can maintain the joy amidst the chaos!
Ann from NY
Deep breaths! It's all gonna be OK!!
Big Congrats to both of you! What a great job for Paul, and DC is a pretty happenin' place. I wish you much joy in your new home (when you find it!! You will!!!!)

Take care!!!
Congrads to Paul on the job and good luck with the move. DC will be a change...but that's what life is all about.
Have fun!!!
Gosh what amazing news - enjoy yourself in the process if you can. However much work there is involved, you need to be enjoying at least some of it. Be kind to yourself. Find your bliss...
Ah yes, the great sleeping positions of cats. My chubby cat Marvin (he and Mabel would be fast friends I am sure) can sleep just about anywhere and makes me wish I could sleep as soundly and comfortably as he looks.

Try not to stress over it all, you are having a fabulous adventure. Enjoy the journey as Tim H would say, that is what life is made up with all those moments.

It will all get done. Good luck to you.
Isn't it sad how much we love to watch our cats sleep. I could watch mine sleep for hours all the while having a huge grin on my face and a warm feeling in my heart. Sick!
Congrats Claudine! try not to stress over this as it will all work out for the best. I just wanted to let you know that when we were faced with a similar situation, we called a buyers agent. (A step further educated than a regular real-estate person (at least in OH)) and they did all the pre-screening for us, so we didn't waste our time looking at places that were inappropriate. ((Their sole purpose is to represent YOU as the buyer/renter))
It was a WONDERFUL experience. She was quite frank- and told it like it was,,,like no, not that one-lot's of crime in the neighborhood...not that one, old pipes- lots of complaints...Yes that one is lovely with an extra 1/2 bath etc... Just thought it might help~
have a successful trip girlfriend.
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