hello from ranger U!
Day two of Ranger U is over. We're having a great time but I am missing home, so it's extra nice to be here with my good friend Bernie!

At Ranger U

Here's a pic from outside the Ranger offices. In the photo from the left: Terri Ventura, then me!, Suze Weinberg, Bernie Berlin, and Tim Holtz.

Bernie's Hands

Here's a pic of Bernie's hands after making stuff all day! My hands didn't look nearly as arty, but they were messy too.

We've got one more day then I head home Monday! See you soon!

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oh, I am so green with envy and it isn't paint on me either. Can't wait to see what all of you come up with from the 'university'.
Wow! Bernie really gets into whatever she does... lucky for animals, she's like this accross the board~100% committed! What a great Gal!7hearts;
Oh, I blew my heart! ♥ : )
That pile of tags looks so wonderfully messy! Thanks for sharing. I'm sure your first Ranger U went great. Cannot wait to see what you are coming out with at CHA-S. SL
Yep, my hands pretty much looked like that too! It was great meeting you and your teaching was fab! I have already used some of the techniques you taught. Hopefully will get to se you again soon and I wish you the best of luck with your move X

Traci x
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