DC here we come!
Tomorrow at 5am we'll be heading to DC to do our mad dash to find a place to live. I am trying to visualize us finding the perfect place, it will happen, it has to happen THIS WEEKEND.

Tomorrow we have a Realtor helping us, Sunday we are on our own. I hope to find a place Saturday so we can do paperwork on Sunday. The big question will be, do we spend more money than we are comfortable with and get a bigger place so I can have more room to work. Or do we squeeze into a smaller place. Do we want a high rise building, or one of those cute little row houses. Last time I lived there I lived in a high rise and the only thing I didn't like about it was I felt like I lived in a hotel. The advantages were the security and also they would accept packages for me, which considering the amount of packages I get is no small feat!

We'll have to see. I am hoping we'll know when we walk into the places. The just right place is out there.

Today the property management company came by to get us set up to manage our house as a rental. That was a reality check! If we are lucky and someone wants to rent our house out soon, we might have to be out by the beginning of August. I guess that would be a lucky problem to have!

OK back to working on things and then have to take Toby over to my parents, they will be pet sitting him this weekend.

I'll be Twittering from the road, you can follow my apartment hunting Twitters here or in the sidebar of my blog!


Best of luck, Claudine :)
Hang in there Claudine, it will all work soon:)
Wishing you the best of luck and godspeed with your move. From a 9 year insomniac....Get some sleep!
Ahhh... I keep peeking in on your twitter...

I feel for you so much. I am so sorry. Things must be so overwhelming.

My fingers and toes are crossed for you- and I know everything will work out for you both!

J a n e
From the sound of your twitter posts, you are having a well-deserved meltdown, Claudine. It's okay to cry. You are saying goodbye to your current home, your haven, your studio, your family, for now. It's okay to be emotional. Breathe. Breathe.
Ann in NY
Hey Claudine! I'm so bummed you're leaving our O-Town. Well hopefully we'll cross paths again one day. It was great to meet you! Take care, Lisa Harper (from the Alpena workshop)
Claudine & Paul Congrats! Now you'll be that much closer to New England!
Colleen in NH
Hi Claudine,

We've never met and I'm a first time commenter (found your through Melissa Pug Notes) but I just wanted to say "hang in there!". I believe everything happens for a reason and we as humans are also capable of managing an incredible amount of stress and also very adaptable to change.

Just take things one hour at a time and try not to think about 2 days or 2 weeks from now and you'll get through it with flying colors! :-)

Jamie 'Cowbelly'
Hey Claudine,
Keep your chin up sweetie, a new adventure is starting for you and I know you'll embrace it with all your fabulous energy..
Did I say how wonderful it was hanging out with you & Bernie at Ranger U.. you made it all that more special for me. Please keep in touch,
Hope everything goes well.
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