big news
Paul has accepted a job offer in Washington D.C. He'll be a Web News Editor for the Guardian America, in their D.C. office.

We are so excited about this amazing opportunity but also sad because we'll be leaving friends and family. :(

The good news is since The Guardian is a British company, Paul will get 6 weeks of vacation so we'll be able to come down a lot! And we'll get to go London too! I used to spend every summer in London with my Mom and Grandma so it feels like a second home-town to me.

It's going to be a whirlwind the next few weeks. We have to get Paul up there to start work by July 28th. Then I'll follow by the end of August if I can get everything wrapped up here in Orlando.

This weekend we are going up to do a mad dash to find an apartment. I have been looking on Craigslist like a crazy person. I pray we find something. At least I know the area from living there before. But still, it's nerve wracking. Wondering how I will fit all my art supplies into a tiny apartment -- Then we have to figure out how to rent out our house here in Florida. If anyone is interested in renting a cute 3 bedroom home in Orlando, email me!!

On top of all this I have so much to do to get ready for CHA and also Martha Stewart show submissions are due, and custom artwork orders and other deadlines. My brain feels like it is about to explode. I am trying to take things one at a time, but my mind is whirling. We only found out about this late last week, so it's been insane with me out of town at Ranger U and trying to make all these arrangements!

So that's my big news!! Akkkk!


cool! congratulations!
Congrats on the new job!!! Thank you for all you give to the art make it so much fun for all of us (even those of us who are not "art majors". I am "re-filling my creative well" after many months of no art and too much work. Thanks for your inspiration. You ROCK!
Wow! Congratulations on the big move! (and best of luck too, of course...)
That is so exciting! I live in Frederick MD which is artsy and funky and close to DC. Once you get settled you will have to make a trip there. I own a shop that sell all handmade funky stuff specializing in DC/Balt area artists. I am in my early 30s and also am into mixed media but more stitch based. I am sorry you are leaving sunny Florida but excited that you are coming to my neck of the woods!!!
Wowee! That IS big news. Well congratulations to Paul and it's always good to throw a new life adventure into the mix every so often. Enjoy the journey! xoxo
Congratulations to you both!
WHOA! That is HUGE news! As a news junkie, I am all giddy about Paul's new job!Congrats -- can't wait to read about your adventures in moving up there! :)
WOW Claudine that's awesome!!! Sounds like big moves are happening all over the place! London would be amazing and 6 weeks of vacation! Congrats Paul! We may be moving near DC next year!! LOL Just decided this week to move to VA! Hope you get everything wrapped up!! CONGRATS!!!
Yikes, sounds exciting! Just remember to take care yourself and try not to overextend so you can enjoy the adventure:)
Moves are hard, but so much excitement awaits the two of you. Congrats and have fun!
Good luck on the move. Sounds like it will be a bit crazy for you in the coming months. :) Hope it all goes as smoothly as possible!
Super congrats! We'll miss you in FL, darn! Such a great opportunity!
wow....and congratulations and best wishes for a smooooooth move !!
What major changes - I am amazed that you can even find time to update your blog! Congratulations on a wonderful opportunity for both of you!
make yourself a lot of lists and hang on tight! i hope it all goes smoothly and easily for you, paul, and the furry ones. congratulations to paul! i hope you find a wonderful new place to live, too.
Congrats on the move. Walking around JoAnns wondering if I'll see you cruising the aisles won't be the same.
when it rains it pours huh? how wonderful - lots of exciting things going on. Those of us in the Northern VA area will be happy to have you and yours nearby. take a deep breath and try to enjoy!
Congrats! YAY! 6 weeks of vacation is a dream and trips to London to boot! Sounds like a dream job! Plus, you'll be closer to NYC so maybe you'll be able to head over to the NSS next May and visit my booth? :-D
Wow, congrats on the job and move! Blessings as you take care of all the business of moving. I bet you'll love having 4 seasons again!
Congrats to your husband. I'm sure you will both inject some wonderful energy into the belt way. The Guardian is the best of liberal media. I'm sure the creative lobby will enjoy having your presence and availability to speak out regarding any legislation impacting creative industries!!! Down with the orphan works bill!!!
Congratulations! What a great city to be in! Take a deep breath - well, maybe three of them - and try to focus on one thing at time. Blessings and all good things!
Wow, that IS big news! Good luck with everything! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, I live about 30 miles SW of DC! (Which means I'm also excited that you'll be in my neck of the woods... classes???) :)
Congrats to Paul. I bet you will discovery so many opportunities for your art on the East Coast as well. Life is full of blessings and you, my friend, deserve every single one that comes your way! -- Jen
whoa that is SO huge! I hate when I have "brain exploding weeks" right now!
WOW! Congrats to you and Paul!! Hope you enjoy the area (how could you not, right?) all you are able to find the perfect place to live. How exciting!!!
p.s. I always wanted to live in DC or the outskirts...totally love it!
OH BOY! You are moving close to me here in Northern Virginia. Can't wait till you are in the area and get set up. This is exciting news!
congrats to your hubby and I hope that you find the perfect apartment right off the bat!! If things get too wild take advantage of those sweet pets of yours and do some serious petting on them. The perfect way to relax.
Congrats! The district is great . . . you'll notice lots of changes since your college days . . . but take a look at Arlington as a place to live, too. Lots of changes out here also.

Best wishes on your move, from a Lurker in Arlington.
thanks everyone! we are excited and freaked out and overwhelmed all at the same time!
HOW exciting!!!

You will be 45 minutes away from me!Heee!

I am sure this will be a Fantastic change- Enjoy!!!

j a n e
Oh my gosh Claudine this is AMAZING! What an adventure!
Congratulations to Paul! Moving ultimately will invigorate and inspire you--this is just the storm before the calm.
Can't wait to hear of your adventures and mishaps ;-)
That is so exciting!!! Congratulations to you. And good luck!
Congratulations to your husband and good luck with your move. Take your coats!
Congrats! I love DC and I am an Anglophile as well. I LOVE London big time... So happy for you! *hugs*
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