workshop at art in the loft
I'm back home from my 3 day workshop at Art in the Loft Gallery in Alpena Michigan. It was an amazing space to teach a workshop, the gallery is beautiful! Lots of goodies for the students, breakfast, snacks, and lunches brought in. Every detail thought of and I had 3 helpers! I have never been so spoiled teaching.

Big huge thanks to Nan for putting this workshop together and making it such a success! Thank you to Rita and Tom for making everything go so smoothly!

Here's a photo of the workshop space. Love the twinkle lights!

And a view of Lake Huron from our Motel:

Here's a YouTube clip from Channel 11 News. It was a fun surprise when the local news showed up to do a little segment about the workshop!

You can see more photos from the workshop on April's blog, She has a CUTE store called Catching Fireflies, check it out here!

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your teaching space totally reminds me of the scene in footloose with those lights. glad you had fun! just stopped by to say hello...

Lake Huron is such a beautiful lake! I've swam in it on the Canadian side :)
We vacation on Lake Huron every year! My parents are from that side of the state! I hope you enjoyed MI! It's so close to my heart! The news story was so fun to watch! You're such a celeb!
The workshop was great. I am grateful to have been introduced to you through the Catching Fireflies blog. It was a beautiful experience including the Water's Edge Motel!!!
Thanks again for venturing out our way and sharing your terrific tips (including putting vaseline around the edges of gel medium screw-on clever:)

Also thanks for the links to my blog and site - you have such a giving heart!
never enjoyed myself more at a workshop than I did in Alpena with Claudine. The people were so warm and friendly, the organization perfect and the students so talented and sharing. and i learned a lot about concrete during an exciting tour of the Alpena Community College with the president. also got an advance look at the marine sanctuary, which opens in Alpena next month. Disney better look out - it may have a rival in Michigan.

Wow, that looks like total fun. What a great view. :)
Had such a blast with you and all the fabulous ladies in Michigan! I loved all the creativity and laughter and can't wait to meet up for some Thai food! xo :) Lori
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