studio visit wednesday (but it's really thursday at 1am)
Some recent new additions to my studio supplies!

I decided to upgrade my sewing supply case from a ziploc bag to this CUTE sewing basket I bought at JoAnn's this weekend. Only $12 when I used my coupon. I was so proud I actually remembered to USE my coupon. Usually I carry it in with me and then forget I have it when I check out.

I ♥ ball fringe! (thanks to Twitter friend ihanna for showing me how to make the heart symbol!) I am so excited now I am going to put hearts everywhere! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
It'll be like when I was 10 and I got a paint pen and suddenly letters with dots on the ends of them were on our drinking glasses, my bedroom mirror and any surface I could write on! Gratuitous heart usage coming right up!

Lots and lots of goodies from Hero Arts. I'll be their guest blogger at the end of May so they sent me this giant goodie box full of things to make stuff with. Lucky me! Thank you Hero Arts!! Some I'll use for blog giveaways too! Stay tuned!

look at this sweet little trim I found at JoAnn's love it! I think it will make great poppet® aprons!


I LOVE that your supply case is a ziplock bag!! That makes me feel sooo much more normal! That is a cute little box...and so much more respectable;)~
I often see these perfectly organized, suitcase size totes...and just crumble on the inside...* I mean, do you know how many of my ziplock bags it would take me to carry all that my stuff around???
Those stamps are fabulous – I’m sure you’ll find a million creative uses for them! Looking forward to seeing some of them!
OMG! I absolutely adore the cupcake shaped, cherry themed sewing case. I can see why the upgrade was a must! And I heart ball fringe too. Can't have enough of it. Love the colors.
hahahahaha. My purse is full of coupons that I've forgotten to use. I'm so relieved to know I'm not the only one!
Love those stamps! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Nice upgrade, Claudine! I LOVE those wonderful JoAnn coupons. They make shopping FUN! - Teresa
Such cute things!!!! I love the ball fringe!! :)
What a wonderful collection of fun stuff! Personally, I don't think you can go wrong with ziplock bags, but this kit is definitely much cuter!
Maybe I need to go to JoAnn's this weekend. I don't have much sewing stuff, but it sure is a cute case. It'd look great on a shelf!
Hey, I gotta know.... how DO you make those hearts? Can a happy mac do it???

oh yes! you can make hearts too. it's HTML code so it doesn't matter Mac or PC

here's the code do it with no spaces
& hearts ;

then you get this:

I love that basket! Might have to get one to go with my new sewing machine.
oh what FUN!!!

Mmmm....I guess I don't know what a"code" is!

I love hearts and Hero Arts! Cool box of goodies they sent you. I didn't know they made "Art Flowers"!

Cute Kitty pictures... love cats!
Erin : )
It worked! It didn't show up on my screen, but it is HERE after it gets posted! Thanks for the new skill!
♥ Erin
love that ball fringe of my fav's right now ♥ ...and Ilove your stanley!! :)
Pfffooooy, I can't see the code for the hearts :( I love the ball fringe and your new sewing box. I think some red ball fringe would look stunning just under the lid. If you put it on the lid it will be a hassle but if it is on the basket it won't get in the way every time you open and close it.
I always <& hearts ;> finding a bargain, especially on something as fun as your new sewing box.
Thanks for the heart code!

Hmmm... I'm not sure it worked.
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