off to DC for the weekend!
Paul and I are heading to DC for a weekend getaway! I'll be back Tuesday! I haven't been back to my old neighborhood (Dupont Circle) in about 10 + years so I can't wait to see and remember my college years. I am feeling very nostalgic for college lately. We'll also get to have dinner with Lesley and her husband. Can't wait for that!

We're staying at a B&B that we stayed at in 1998. Last time we had a bad experience (very bad!), but due to round about circumstances beyond our control we are staying there again. I am already prepared for the no TVs in the rooms. Why do B&Bs insist on no TVs? The big question is will the Tabard Inn surprise us and leave us with the rave reviews that everyone else has about the place? We'll find out!!

I'll be twittering from the road! Follow my twitters in my blog side bar or go here to read my updates!

See you Tuesday!


Have a safe trip. Let's hope the B & B has improved.
have lots of fun. I will be up that way next weekend.
with all the traveling you do, you sure make the US seem tiny!
OOH have fun Claudine! I NEED a weekend getaway!! Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised by the B & B!
Have fun!
Hope your B&B experience is even better than Water's Edge....LAUGH!!!
So glad to see you've joined Ranger. Looking forward to seeing you at CHA-S. I've use both your books and their wonderful techniques for several years! My friend Wendy will be helping you there I hear!!!
Linda Cain
Have a great trip! :)
Glad your Mom is okay. I hope her body isn't sore after the rear-end accident.

Although I haven't flown in over 20years, I liked turbulance on a plane. Made me feel like I am on something solid. LOL

Say Hi to the ghost in your B & B.
hey! next time you come to DC let me know...I'm really close!
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