nighty night!
Mabel says, rub my belly and then it's time for bed!


Paul is on his way home from work, so I am going to call it a night, snuggle with Mabel, Toby and Stanley and watch a Top Chef episode that we DVR'd from yesterday.

Tomorrow I have my first Acupuncture appt. to try and help with migraine. Will I like it? Will I hate it? I am a bit nervous about the needles but excited to try it out and hoping it will help me.

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Wow she looks how I feel. I hope you have a good appt. with the accupuncture dr. My sis goes and she loves it. So I am sure you will do just fine! :)

good luck
I wanted to comment on your ongoing headaches as I am also a headache sufferer as well as a nurse practitioner. I suffered for years and also tried accupuncture. It never really helped me because my headaches were caused by an undiagnosed connective tissue disorder but I will tell you that accupuncture relaxes me more than anything else in life. I have fallen alseep each time I had it.

I am in Michigan and am trying to arrange to get to the Alpena workshop.

I know this sounds weird to get unsolicited advice but I have been suffering myself for so long and have tried anything and everything you can think of, saw 9+ neurologist/neurosurgeons and many other specialists before I was diagnosed. Let me know if you are interested in any paths to take in finding a cure- I am not selling anything but as I said I tried about everything and even though I have a diagnosis (Chiari Malformation and Ehler's-Danlos syndrome, I still have headaches daily but at least they aren't migraines.

Was in Orlando 2 weeks ago- did Disney for 7 days with my mom, sister's family and my family on the 1 year anniversary of my father's death. We had a great time and was great way to support each other on such a horrible anniversary. Danee
hi claudine. if you have a chance, can you post if the acupuncture helps or if you don't post, could you e-mail me. i'm super curious.

take care!
I have seen an accupuncturist for various things in the recent past, but not migraines. The idea of being stuck with needles is stranger than when it actually happens. I've gotten GREAT results from my treatments. I hope that you will be thrilled with the results.
I just love your pictures of Mabel. The life of a cat must be heavenly. lol

Good luck with the acupuncture appointment. I've not done it myself, but everyone I know that has tried it , loves it and continues to go back.

Best of luck!

Gotta love cats!!! <3
I wish you find the results you are looking for with the accupuncture. I visited an accupuncturist in S. FL for about a year with amazing results. It did not take me a year to see results. I simply kept going because it relaxed me and I felt better. I did not go for headaches specifically, but the few times that I visited and had a headache, it helped a lot.
By the way, love your work! It is so unique!
thanks everyone! I am excited to try it! I am done with the drugs for now (Topamax messed me up!!) and only using Imitrex when I get a migraine.

I have realistic expectations for the acupuncture, if I can reduce my migraines to maybe once or twice a month that would be wonderful!

we'll see!! My appt is at 3pm, I will report back either in a post by itself or here in the comments :)
Adorable kitty, reminds me of our big ole Romeo!
Sandra Evertson
Hi Claudine, many migranes can be caused by a jaw that is out of alignment. I would highly recommend Bowen Therapy, which really works for migranes and other ailments.

Anyways hope the Acupuncture works for you :)
what a lovely kitty. let us know how the acupuncture went!
The acupuncture was great!!I found it totally enjoyable!

First we met and then we talked for a really long time. like an hour and half. we touched on all sorts of issues from emotional/stress issues to physical symptoms like migraine etc.

He explained how everything works and then did the Acupuncture which was very pleasant then he did some kind of energy work and I get into that stuff so I liked that. And then he did this very gentle tapping on my temples and scalp which felt amazing. Then I got a mini back massage, which I loved.

He did suggest that I cut back on the amount of soy I am eating because I guess soy can mimic estrogen and then can trigger migraine. I never thought of soy. Since I am a vegetarian I get most of my protein from soy so that will be tricky.

Also I can't drink Crystal Lite anymore because of the Aspartame, but that is OK by me. Thankfully I gave up diet coke 2 years ago because that would be a lot harder to give up!

He didn't say anything about Imitrex or even taking sinus medicine, so I am glad it's not "too natural" and isn't against using Western Meds. Because that would be bad for me!

I will see him again in about a week and do it once a week for a few times then go to once a month.

He gave me some Petadolex (Butterbur extract) to take which is a natural migraine remedy to reduce migraine frequency. We'll see! Keeping fingers crossed.
so glad all went well with your appointment Claudine and hope you find ongoing relief :)

Take care,
Deoderant was causing my migranes, go figure. I've wanted to try accupuncture for other things but there isn't a practicioner close enough to do so.
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