a new look for a place to bark!
I am super excited to announce that Bernie's web site and blog got a new look thanks to my wonderful husband Paul! He did all the coding and worked so hard and we love the new site!

Take a look at the header image -- that's our baby Stanley who we adopted from Bernie's rescue on the right! This is just beginning -- more content will be added soon, but we couldn't wait to get it up there! yay!

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Looks totally awesome Claudine!
WOW - what a talented husband you have! I love Stanley's picture and have forgotten how tiny he was when you adopted him. This is one of my favorite charities and I give to it monthly -- I would urge other readers of this blog to do the same! It is so easy to just sign up and have it charged to your credit card. (I also donate the service charge for the credit card.) You/your hubby and Bernie are very special people to care so deeply for these animals who deserve a lot better than they have received. You are their angels.
it looks really great!!
that is so awesome! nice work.
It looks wonderful!!!
it looks great!
aw, little stanley is so cute!! the website looks fabulous.
I love Bernie's new blog header-it's adorable! Great job!! The animals are so lucky to have her!
Tami R.
The website and blog look amazing!
the design is inviting, bright, friendly and happy. I love it!
Great job Paul! :)
little stanley is so precious i need to go peep bernie's revamp!
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