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What a headache! I discovered today that AOL was bouncing almost all of emails. When I called tech support they told me it was my software and I needed to re-install it. How can that be!? I argued with them that it was AOL's server -- if it was only my software, the emails wouldn't bounce, they just wouldn't drop into my inbox.

They argued back. It went on for over 30 minutes it was like a game of whose on first. They kept saying it was my software, and I kept trying to explain the way the internet works and that my software has nothing to do with it.

Then they told me that whomever was emailing me must have their settings wrong in IE. I said to him "so you want me to tell everyone on the planet to change their IE settings so that they can email me?" That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard.

I have had it with AOL and now I am changing my email. To me, not getting email means I am losing business and I can't afford that. I have been meaning to do this for over a year anyway but never had the motivation until tonight!! Boy was I mad!! I still am mad! LOL!

My new email is! If you have my email in your address book, please update it for me! Thank you!

It's way too late. I am off to bed. It's been a stressful night!


Yep, ever since AOL implemented their crazy pay-per-email system (to theoretically reduce spam) the system has been all messed up. Most things I send to my AOL customers never get there, either. Good idea to change!
Congratulations, Claudine! You're AOL FREE! Celebrate! Do the Happy Dance! Life as you know it has changed for the better! Your new email makes so much sense and is so easy to remember! jood
Hooray for you! Know you've been dealing with this insanity for too long - happy for your change and hopefully less stress! Hope the change results in sweet dreams!!!
thanks guys! I do feel so much better! Now I just have to move my AOL calendar to my Google calendar and I am set. Of course I can't import it, I have go month by month and add the dates. ugh!!

Can't import my address book either. These are the reasons AOL held me hostage for so long because i knew it would be a HUGE hassle. But worth it!

I'll keep checking AOL for awhile to make sure no one is emailing me there. At least it's free now.

It feels good to be done!!!!!
AOL's been my nemisis for years! I, too, just switched a few months ago and couldn't be happier. I know making the switch is a pain, but you'll be so glad you did... Hugs, Shari
It is worth the trouble of switching. i've had Google for ages now and love it! so much easier, and FREE of hassle! Jump up and do a little hapy dance!
I want to comment on the PBS segment. Very enjoyable segment, and interesting. It is fun to hear you talk about your art and how much you enjoy your work.

OMG, you finally said au revoir to AOL. I am so proud...Left them 7 years and went to Yahoo and never looked back. AOL SUCKS BIG A--!!!!!Congrats!!!
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