mabel says hi!
Just a quick post of these latest photos of our fatty beastie Mabel.


Sitting on the couch in front of the TV


About 10 minutes later she falls asleep....


That's okay Mabel....TV puts me to sleep too :)
Awww! So adorable!
Just came across your blog hope you dont mind me lurking but I love that fat cat.
hahahahaha. Mabel needs to be captioned and posted on "I Can Has Cheezburger"!
Hi Claudine! So nice to see Miss Mabel again:) Give her a kiss from her old sitter ok? And one for Stanley too. Take care and I am enjoying reading about you every day. I miss you all.

I think Mabel is somehow related to my chunky Chihuahua, Chloe!
Hi Claudine!
Mabel is the cutest! I think she is part pug. My Emmitt sits exactly like that, but he is not balanced enough to fall asleep without falling down.
Have a great day!
Mabel is tooo adorable! i just cant get over she's sleeping in that position~ LOL! thanks for pics of miss mabel - love stan but i missed miss mabel :-)
Oh, Mabel is ADORABLE!! Can't stop smiling!
I love Mabel. Great pictures.
I love your fat cat! I have one that's 16 lbs--his name is Bubba and he definitely is a Bubba. He's what I call a creamsicle cat-orange and white. And a real sweetie. I bet yours is too!

I live in Daytona Beach and buy most of my products at Claire's "Stamp and Deliver". I recently saw some of your work at the Daytona Beach Art League--awesome stuff. I have just recently started working more seriously with collage techniques and realize I have a lot to learn! Hopefully, I'll be able to attend one of your upcoming workshops. That would be totally cool!
Mabel is the funniest fat cat ever, even more so than Garfield!!!She should have her own comic strip!
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