Hero Arts guest blogger
I am thrilled to be the Hero Arts Guest Blogger for this month!

They sent me a ton of super amazing supplies and asked me to create something with the theme of circles. I couldn't wait to play around!! Here's what I came up with using a photo of my mom!



Visit the Hero Arts Blog for a complete list of supplies used.

And now for the really fun part!!


See this amazing stash of supplies above?

I have divided it into 6 giveaway packs and I will be giving away yummy Hero Arts Supplies, stamps, embellishments and cardstock throughout the day. To keep it interesting I will post to my blog at random times (6 times!) letting you know how to win each giveaway pack. So keep checking back throughout the day. One giveaway pack will be just for my Twitter followers! Hi Tweets!

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Great collage! Thank you for being a guest artist at Hero Arts! It is really fun to see other art and inspiration. I'd really love to know the size of the canvas you used ... if you're willing to share! Thanks again!
Great Collage Claudine...i have always loved following your Blog and fun to see you use some of my favorite stamps in your work!
Thank you....
Lovin' the Hero Arts collage! Would love a chance to win some of this stash!

Jenn B
You have a very unique style-I love it! Your ideas as a guest this month will make my life much more versatile and perhaps even succeed at a collage card :) which so far hasn't succeeded. Cheryl
I left a comment, but it said it didn't work?
i just said, your work is amazing and I think the piece you did is beautifuL! not only that, but so sentimental having it be your mom!
and those HERO ARTS trees I must buy!
I love your work. How exciting to see you on the Hero blog this morning. I would love to have a chance to win!
I came here from Hero Arts :) Your work is AWESOME!! I love it!!! You so ROCK!!! Woohoo :)
Wow. That's so awesome! LOVE what you did.
Just saw this on the HA site. These collages are too cool. Love how creative they are!
Your work is always so bright and cheerful, and I really love seeing how you've incorporated the stamps into this piece. And giveaways, too?!? I'll definitely be checking in :)
Wowsers! Love the collage, Claudine, and I LOVE those little owl stamps! So cute! I will be checking back, Tweet Tweet! :)
I love the bird on the hand. You
really show the versatility of the
HA images. What fun to have you as
the guest artist; I look forward to
seeing more of your work.
I must say your work is AMAZING! I'm definitely going to add you to my favorite bloggers! I love the medias you mix to create! Wow!
Whoa! Cool! I was excited enough just to follow what you're creating. The collage is awesome! But you're sharing the bounty, too? WooHOOO!
Love what you created, Claudine! Beautiful!
Those tree stamps look delish!
how exciting! I love the trees in your collage especially. I wish trees really looked like that!

I'll be checking back
I had never seen your atwork, but I'm so happy I found you today, youre' an amazing artist!! :)

and oh my, that's a lot oh HA goodness!
Beautiful as usual!
What fun! Loved your collage!
Beautiful work Claudine. You have taken these Hero Art stamps to a new level. Thanks for sharing.

Very cool how you use photos and illustrations together! Glad to hear about you and your work through the Hero Arts blog!
Very fun stuff- I've seen your blog before and really like your collages, but I think this little birdie one is my fave!
Beautiful work on your blog - I've enjoyed seeing videos of you too.
I am glad to see your blog and wow what a stash. Exciting!
It is so much fun to see you are the guest at Hero Arts today! Your work is always so much fun - the kind that puts a smile on my face!
Those goodies are amazing too so I'll be checking back!!
I am a little confused where I am supposed to post to win a hero arts gift so I am going to post here and there.
As always I love your artwork Claudine.

Great work! Read your books too--
Hi Claudine!
It is so fun when two things you love come together... YOU + Hero Arts= HEAVEN ! What a great bunch of goodies!
Your Fan, Erin ♥ : )
Shazaam, now there is some kewl tools!! Looking forward to more of your creative process, gurl..hugz
Dear Claudine
I'm now in Woodstock NY and had hoped to have a workshop up here. You're schedule was full. Well my gallery in Coconut Grove is wanting to host you there as well. Especially now that a Kinko's opened up right across the street.
Please stay in touch.
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt
web site for me and hubbie is
in Woodstock find
Taleo Arts Center
love the collage :)

what a great giveaway :) pick me pick me :) lol

Ciao for now
Winning some of the great Hero Arts stuff would be awesome. Cheryl S.
Just found this blog...very cool stuff!!
Just adore that canvas, the colours are gorgeous! How lucky to have lots of yummy products to play with!
Jo in Australia
Everyone loves to play - and everyone loves a chance to win something fun !
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