Hero Arts giveaway #6
It's the last Hero Arts Guest Blogger giveaway! oh boy!


This last giveaway will stay open through the weekend, post a comment below (even just say hi!) to be included and I'll pick a winner at random on Tuesday June 3rd! Winner will be emailed and posted here on Tuesday! Thanks for playing!

Don't forget there's one more Hero Arts Giveaway that also stays open through the weekend. Here's the link!

EDITED 7:45PM June 3rd -
Comments closed! Selecting a winner using random numb
er generator from the 380 comments posted! Winner will be announced shortly!

WINNER!!! Here's the winner of the last Hero Arts Giveaway! Daniela you were selected by the number generator! Email me your address so I can send you the prize!

Now off to select the winner for giveaway #1!

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Hi Claudine, I've enjoyed all your giveaways! Carla H.
yippee! one more chance! claudine-you're the best!!!

thanks a ton....
Hi Claudine. Thanks for all the great inspiration. I love your work!
Thanks Claudine! You're great!
how fun is this?!
these are all gorgeous product! i esp. LOVE the trees!
this whole Idea is so cool! Thanks for doing all the giveaways! you rock!
Ohhhhh, those lime cards are soooooo meeeeeeee!!! I want it all!!! ;-)

Awesome giveaways; I know there are some happy papercrafters out there tonight!!!
Awesome giveaways Claudine. Your work is truly amazing and an inspiration to us all.

OOOOOOOooooo. This one is juicy, too. Pick me, pick me! :)
So much fun! I wanna win! :)
One last try for today's goodies. Thank you for being the guest blogger. I really enjoyed your work.
Thanks for the inspiration. Jill S
so many goodies so little time
What a nice set of goodies for the final giveaway! Thanks, Claudine, for making this such a fun day!
Love those tree stamps!!!
Oh fun things -- am working on the HA circle challenge right now! Looking forward to the weekend so I have more time to play around.
Pick me. I want to win - these give aways are so much fun!
Thank you for taking so much time out of your busy schedule to treat us to all this yummy looking blog candy! It was fun.... fingers are crossed!
Thanks for the giveaways and a great blog!
Thanks for doing these giveaways today...hoping to win one!!! LOL

You rock girl!!!! Love giveaways and hope to be the lucky girl who wins!

Yipee!! Another giveaway! Thank you!
You are giving away a lot of really great items in your giveaway. Please count me in :D
Hi there! :-D
Love your work!
what fun--giveaways

Ooooh, more trees...! I love this prize package (of course, I love the others, too!). Thank you so much, Claudine, for being a great artist and for offering us such wonderful inspiration AND Hero Arts products today.
HI! :)
Hi Claudine! Hope those sinuses aren't bugging you anymore! Mine seem to be bothering me a bit. Gotta do some sinus rinses! :) Thanks for the chance to win some great stamps & accessories!

Jenn B
Thanks Claudine for sharing your beautiful work & for giving us a chance to win. And thanks Hero Arts for the goodies & for introducing me to Claudine's work!
Hi Claudine, I love your collages, very inspiring.
Have a great weekend!
love this give away. thank you for doing this!! I hope to win!
mmmm, love love love those trees:D
This has been the most fun giveaway I've ever seen. I always get so inspired by your work.
Oh, this is a great one, too! These are such fabulous prizes!!! :) Thanks Claudine!!
Yo AND Hi, Claudine! jood
The tiny owl is so cute, maybe he would like to share my life? I'm dreaming of... ;-)
Claudine, you are an amazing artist and a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing...
commenting to say HI! as you suggested. I've really enjoyed looking around here at your site. :D
I adore these tree stamps and orange and green *wipes drool from chin* are such yummy colors for this time of year!!!

Thanks for doing all of these give aways!!!


Hi Claudine!

You sure know how to through a party!!!
Thanks for chance to win! Thanks too for the inspiration on your blog.

Such Great giveaways! Hope you have a great FRIDAY and weekend!
Wow, what a great day this has been for giveaways. Thanks for hosting all of this. I hope I win something sometime!! Like I said previously, I love your artwork.
Hi Claudine, I so want to win something from all this beautiful prizes from Hero Arts!
I think this one is my favorite so far! Great color combo plus I LOVE the trees and the owl is to die for!!!
I enjoyed your post on the Hero Arts
blog. You got me thinking about
using some different elements in my
Very fun art and awesome give-a-way!
Hi! Thanks for all of the opportunities to win!
Okay just been sent here from the Hero blog, which I love to find I am able to enter the lucky last draw. Well I hope its lucky, have a great weekend.
Thanks so much for doing these giveaways! :)
Hi Claudine...Would Love to win looks like a lot of FUN!
Hi! I haven't check you blog in a few days....oops! This giveaway looks awesome!
Isn't it fun giving away stuff?! It's fun winning it, too. LOL Have a great weekend.
fun stuff, count me in! :D Thanks!
Hi Claudine. Thanks for the chance to win!
Love your art!
Okay then. HI!
What a great idea but I can see why you are tired! Best wihes for a succesful CHA!
Who doesn't love a giveaway...and a great one with fun hero arts products.
I cant believe I'm only now adding you to my reader for your blog. I remember stumbling on it before..but like most blogs Pre-Reader,I just didnt get to come often enough. Looks like you had a fun week being guest blogger and gave away some cool stuff. I will definitely be reading on a more regular basis.
Claudine - You sure had a busy day! Hope you can get some rest tomorrow! :-)
Hi, again. Thanks for the fun today!
You Rock!

Thanks for the chance to win some goodies!!
Whew! That's a lot of giveaways for one day! Thanks for sharing all the great goodies!
hi claudine! i know you have had fun giving away these goodies today!
thanks for the fun giveaways claudine, your artwork is inspiring.
Don't you just love giving away all of these prizes??? How fun...

Hi Claudine! Thanks for the great giveaway chances. You've been busy lately.
Suzanne G in NC
Hi Claudine- cute pack:) I love your work and your easy to understand style:) Lydia
Love your creativity! Thanks for being a part of the Hero Art Blog and sharing some great giveaways too! ...Jan
yummy crafty supplies! :)
Ooh I thought I missed this one! I was watching the LOST finale! I have had my eye on those awesome Tree Stamps all day!! W00T!
These giveaways are amazing!
Those tree stamps are fabulous. Thanks Claudine for all your sharing - I do enjoy following your blog. Cheers, Sue (in OZ)
awesome giveaways!!!
Thanks for all the inspiration!
just hi!!! ;)
well I am back from the baseball game with an injury! LOL I was hit from a pop fly ball and it got my mid foot and let me tell you it was NOT fun. I took one for the team LOL
Love all that you do. Fun Fun Fun
wow! You are so generous! Love all of your work!
Hi Claudine,

I stumbled across your blog after one of your Martha Stewart appearances awhile back and meant to return long before now.

Hero Arts is one of my favorite stamping companies, and I was so excited to find out you were today's guest artist on the blog. Gives me a good excuse to visit your website and follow the muse telling me to use fabric along with my favorite papers and inks for future card-making and bookmark making projects.

Thank you for hosting the giveaway and for all the inspiration.

That is the cutest little owl stamp of ever!!!
Oh, I love this set. Orange and green are my favorite colors.
Hi Claudine,
Your work is simply stunning. So glad I found it through the Hero Arts site! Have a great weekend. Cass
Good to see your work on the Hero Blog! Beautiful colors!
Thanks for having such a great blog! I really enjoy your work.
Wow! You are amazing artist. Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas.
Thanks for the opportunity to win! You are my idol!
hi, please pick me :)
Hi Claudine! Thanks for the giveaway chance!
What a nice set of goodies! Thanks, Claudine, for giving us the chance to win these. Have a nice weekend!
This looks cute! Hi and have a nice weekend1 :)
I can't believe it is almost June. That song from Oklahoma is playing in my head- "June is busting out all over!"
Please enter me in the drawing. Thank you.
...wohhh such a cool gift!!! Would love to have it!
BTW: Love your work...;-)
Hi Claudine ! What a so kind idea this giveaway ;-) Count me in ! Smooches from belgium ;-)
yiipppeee! give•a•way!!!
what wonderful bright colours. who wouldn't want to win!
hiya from bc canada!
How loved do you feel with al these comments! Hia from Wales in the UK. Love carol T
I would love to be included in the draw! Sure would love for this prize to wing it's way to new zealand!
Great giveaways Claudine. Just love your talent.....
fantastic prize giveaway.thanks for the chance
Hi, thanks for all the great giveaways. You are very generous.

Wow I love the cute owl stamp. Thanks so much for being such a generous artist.

Are you still off diet coke?
Hi Claudine ! When you sending the give-a-way to germany, than pick me ;) I love the owl stamp.
LG Nicki
Well I love trees and I adore polka dots, so combining the two - pure genius!!!
WOW !!! I guess last night was a bad night to be out at my son's concert at school....a lot was happening here !! Sorry I missed so many, but maybe I'll get lucky here. Have a great day Claudine !!
love the little trees! so cute!
wow, what a fabulous giveaway! love your work, claudine - you are such a generous spirit!
You've sure made the giveaways fun by spreading them out! It's been great to get know your work too!
Sarah M
Those stamps are adorable! Gimme, gimme! Have a great weekend!
Bonjour, Hello Claudine,
Creativity and generosity, what a combo! Thanks Claudine.

Wow, there is just so much fun stuff here - love the circle trees and the bright colors. Thanks again for the amazing giveaway!
i need those tree Have a great weekend
Hi's Lisa Harper again. Still trying to win something! =) Hope you have a great weekend!
such a great day of prizes! Thanks for spending a day with us. Happy Weekend!
Hi Claudine! You are so generous! ; ) What an awesome prize pack too! WooHoo!!! Have a great weekend!! Mel Seigfried from PA
Hi Claudine, I love the goodies you are giving away!
Thanks for so many opportunities to win goodies! Love your blog!
-Katherine M.
Claudine- This is so much fun! I hope I win this one.
Claudine - It was such a treat to see your work today and to participate in the fun giveaways. Thanks for being a guest artist for Hero Arts! :-)
Thanks for another chance to win, Claudine!
I would love to win!
Oh, pick me.
I love Claudines work, she my fave collage artist and Hero Arts is one of my fave stamp companies, so cool to see them together!:)
Your art work is very inspiring! I have been wanting to do something like this for a long time, but didn't know where to start. Now, I think I have some actual ideas to get me going! Thanks!!!
Please add me to your give away!
Whar a super cute giveaway! Wow! I enjoy your blog very much. Hope you have a great and wonderful day!
Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Thanks again, Claudine!
My puppies and kitties would like me to win! (I'm going for the "awwwww" factor, here...)

Thanks for such an inspiring blog.
Great giveaway-thanks!!
WOW more cool stuff!! :) Have a great weekend! Jessie
Thanks for such a fun giveaway day!
hi Hello, ciao, bonjour, etc have a good weekend all and be inspired!!
Karen D Love your work thanks for the opportunity to win something
Oh, I love cards and stamps and your blog!
HI! love the giveaways....and LOVE the new collage of your mom...especially since I've met her! cute as a button!
OHHHHH - me, me, me, pick me!!!!!!
I love your work - so fun and great give-aways! I hope you are a guest blogger again!!! :)
Hi found you through Hero Arts--
ooooh...I am so about the owls!!!!
I LOVE your generous and fun giveaways.
TRace G
I am absolutely fascinated with your art. I love browsing through your blog and website. Hope I am chosen!!
Wow! So much yummy hero Arts stuff! Love it!

I love it! THanks for being so generous.
So glad i found your blog! so inspiring!
Hello! My first time stopping though the blog. I love all the graphic inspiration. :)
So glad I saw the post on Scrapscene! Your work is so amazing and inspiring! I will be back for sure! Great giveaways!
Oh gosh! I LOVE that little owl! So cute!!! :)
Thank you for the giveaways. You do a fantastic job and keep up the good work.
Man, I could use some free stuff to get me inspired. I'm in a slump except for my card making. Thanks for the beautiful site and sharing your talents.
thanx for the chance to win some yumminess!!!
HI, Claudine,
Here's my two bits for the giveaway! (Looking foward to seeing your new Ranger wishes!)
Hi Claudine. Your work is simply fabulous! You are an inspiration.

: ) Kristen
Everything looks great! I love a giveaway!!!
Hi, Claudine! Love those little tree stamps!!
Wow, awesome give-away. These are some fabulous goodies.

hi claudine!!
pick me, pick me!!! have a great weekend :)
I love this pack!! The flowers are awesome!
Hi Claudine. Love your work and love your giveaways.

What a cute blog you have -- and such an awesome little giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity. :) Bless you!
What FABULOUS give aways you've been having!
THANKS for the opportunity!
HI Claudine

Thanks for the opportunity. I love Hero Arts and I love your work.
Hi Claudine!

Thanks for being so FUN and so Generous!!!
Saw on twitter about your last giveaway and came to see you. Would love the chance to win! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I'll keep working through your book.
Yummy yummy giveaway! I NEED that little owl stamp.
cool give away!
Thanks for the chance to win such an awesome bunch of goodies. I love seeing all of your new ideas! Thanks for sharing!
Yay, Claudine! Thanks for the chance ... you rock!
I soooooo want to win at least one of these. I especially love the owl. Thanks for being so generous with your goodies!!
Count me in on this sweet candy. I would love to be the lucky stamper to play with these FUN things. Thanks for a chance.
I love it! I found your website through ScrapScene and really like your art.
Wow - someone is going to get really lucky! I sure hope it's me... Thank you for the opportunity!
Hi! Such fun stuff to play with - I'd love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.
Love DC! (But I also enjoyed Orlando) Go visit the Monets at the favorite.
Thanks for the chance to win.
Wow - I am in love with that cute lil' owl stamp! Thanks so much for having a cool giveaway! Great stuff!
Thanks Cladine - what a great giveaway!
Thanks Claudine. How nice to have a chance to win.....
I didn't get any chance for the others :( So here I am! :) Thanks for this chance!! Have a lovely weekend!
Oh wow!! I'd love to get my hands on these goodies. What a generous giveaway!
pICK ME!!!! lol
Hi, Claudine, love your work! Last chance to win. YAY!
hi claudine!
You are an inspiration to me!
have a great weekend!
:) melissa
Hi, Claudine, Enjoy all your giveaway gifts. Just wish the last winner will be me.

I hope it's me I love that owl stamp!!!!
What a wonderful thing. Great assortment for a giveaway. I'd love it!
Love your work!! Just awesome!!

Cathy C
oh, i love the little owl! i need him!
Kia Ora, Hello from New Zealand.We love Hero stamps too!
Hi Claudine,
Thanks for sharing the wonderful goodies, have always been a big hero arts fan and these items are waaaay too cute.
Thanks for the chance!
awesome giveaway! love the bright happy colors!jen t:)
Wow! Love those summer colours! Hope I win! :)
The little owl stamp looks SOOOOO cute!
Oh I've always loved those little spotty trees!
I love the collages you make and that`s also true for the little owl stamp from hero arts. Since that is included, I`ll give it a try. Margriet
Hey, awesome goodies, what a bonus getting the chance to win them! Pick me, pick me pick me!!!!!! Ha ha ha ha ha.
Oh, I do dearly love those tree stamps! Awesome prize!
What a great little giveaway.
Best of luck to all who are trying to win it.
Another really nice prize. Hope I win

LOVE your work and would love to win !
I just came across your blog and have to say I love all your giveaways.

If you'll ship to Australia I'd love to be entered!
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