Hero Arts giveaway #5
Wow!! it's give away #5 for the Hero Arts guest blogger giveaway. Only one more to go after this one!


Since it's 7pm EST the 7th comment to this posting wins! go!!

Carolyn Mcavoy You're #7 so you win! email me your address and I will send this to you next week!
thanks for playing everyone!

The next one is coming up soon and it runs though the weekend!

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Trying again! :)
try again
and again
Hmmmm... posting again for a try at lucky 7
maybe 7th
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yippy that's me....
It seems I'm too late! Never mind, I wanted to pass on that my son really likes the airplane in your artwork :)
Sorry, I'm somewhat confused on how to tweet?? I tried. Love your work.
Missed this one, too!
Congrats, Carolyn! If I'm counting correctly, you are 7th!
I really think once should be enough to post for this prize. I love trees.
Ruthe Ann from NJ
I took a workshop with you in Sedona.
I'm so sorry I missed this one! I love that tree set. I didn't realize we could post multiple comments either. Congrats, Carolyn!
Love the stamps here and your prokect on the Hero Arts blog. Yummy stuff.
I'd LOVE to win!
Yep! Missed this one, too! And I have to pass for number 6 as it's now 1:19 AM = BEDTIME !! Have to go to work today ! Good luck to you all !
well there wasn't a rule on that....but my take on this was no one else was here to I'm happy to win the tree...I just love them....
congrats carolyn! Thanks again for the fun contests Claudine! It has been a nice break throughout the day :)
Just giving it a shot!
Let it be me!
I'd love to win!
really enjoyed seeing your work on the hero blog, very inspiring! i love those trees, i have to have them, so pick me !!! PLEASE.
Geez! When they come up, these giveaways go quick!
those trees are my favs!!! so cute!
Love me some Hero Arts!
Missed again! Congrats!
try try again. and again I love your stuff.

That was tricky...picking a winner at a certain time.

Enjoy your stamps carolyn!
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