Hero Arts giveaway #4
This is the 4th Hero Arts Guest blogger giveaway!


To win this one --- just comment below and I will select a winner at random. Posting closes at 9pm EST winner will be selected tonight and posted here!

9:10 PM -- WINNER!
Using the number generator, the winner is #54 which is Sandy!

Sandy said...Claudine - it was great to find out about you today, your work is fascinating. I can't wait to explore your site further. Thanks, Sandy

Sandy, email me your address and I will send this to you next week when I send all the others!

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Hello Claudine -

It's nice to have been introduced to you today through Hero Arts. I would love to try my hand with the Hero Arts Clear Design stamps. I am used to my regular old rubber stamps.

Thanks, Toni
Oh Oh, am first? Pick me!! Please!
Joy! This day o' contests has been so much fun. Now to dream up the things I could do with all those little flowers and branches/stems :D
Ooooh! I love your work and I love these clear stamps too! By the way, I just signed up for Twitter and sent you a reply! I've never Twitter'ed before and I'm feeling a little Twitter-pated but looking forward to learning all about it! So many online blogger and designers Twitter and I've always wondered about it!
Oh -- I almost bought this stamp set, but my craft budget was a bit low, so sure hope I win!!! You are so talented; I've enjoyed perusing your site!
I love stamping and creating cards for holidays and special moments. There's nothing quite like sending someone a one-of-a-kind card!

beatiful combo of notecards!!
Hi Claudine! I'm "Squak" on the Twitter Group, but now I can't figure out how to lrave you the "secret message" ("Hero Arts Giveaway")......I'm so "last Century".....Erin ♥ : )
Love your blog and hope to win some of the goodies. Also like the use of people's faces as a part of your artwork.
Thanks for sharing.

Shirley Lee
Wow - I hadn't even seen this Hero Arts clear set before! Their products continue to amaze me. Thanks so much for offering the opportunity to win. Now that I have been introduced to your blog, I will be visiting often, as I love your artwork. Wonderful!
Greetings from way down in New Zealand. Hero Arts has brightened up my wintery Friday morning by introducing me to your quirky artwork - will definitely be having a good look around your website this weekend.
ooohh....i can only imagine the pretty things that I could make with these. :) {pick me, pick me}
I have enjoyed your artwork for a long time, and have one of your books from which I've learned a lot. You sure blended your style and the Hero Arts stamps wonderfully!
Hi Claudine! What a grand giveaway. Wish I was home earlier :)
everyone can use flower stamps ;)
I just love Hero Arts...I'm glad they had you on their blog today.....
It's going to be nice to learn from such great talent....
Hey Claudine
Great way to increase traffic on your website!
I want to win!!! YAY!! You are so cool for doing this!
I have just been introduced to your blog from the Hero Arts site! I will be back often. You have an amazing talent.
Elizabeth G
Fun,fun,fun! I am housebound today and am enjoying your giveaway day!
Hi from downunder in Australia Claudine! Love your quirky style! I'm not sure if I'm eligible to win your stamps, but I'd sure love to!

Count me in1What a fun way to do a giveaway!
me! pick me!
Claudine, I still think it is great that you are sharing all your booty from Hero Arts! Thanks!!!
Thank you Claudine for all the cool giveaways!! This is fun!
Wow! I would love to win this.
Me again. This is a nice way to spend the day. Thanks again.
i love what you created for hero arts.
Love your work and all your great give aways! Hopefully I'll win one! :) :) :)
I love how you're doing this giveaway! Great prizes and your work is amazing! Thanks for the inspiration to break out of my mould and try something new!
I'm having fun with all of your giveaways. Nice marketing idea!
Hi Claudine...i so Want to be a Winner...Love your Work & Blog!!
Hi Claudine, Thanks for the opportunity to win some great Hero Arts products.
THis contest is keeping you busy today Claudine.
Ohhhhhhh. I LOVE these!! Praying that I win them. :)
Your blog is great- always a plus to add another one to the "Favorites" List! Thanks for sharing your work! :)

those stamps are so cute!! I hope I win! :)
If Linda Woods wasn't already my B.F.F., I might have chosen you. ;-)
Maybe you can be my Best Friend-in-waiting. ;-)
Claudine ... so fun to be following you on Twitter now. I hope you're having as much fun with the tweets as I am.
what a great giveaway :) pick me pick me :) lol

Ciao for now
I love these contest give aways. I would love to win. This is such a cool stamp set!
Oh please pick me! I have had one heck of a week!
Thanks for the opportunity to enter!
Oh! What fun - thanks for so many opportunities.
It's so exciting! Pick me! Pick me!
Wow, Claudine! It is awesome of you & HA to do this! Great job on your collage!

Jenn B
What a cool little "kit". I love Hero Arts stamps:)
Hi claudine, I'm visiting from the Hero Arts site- I love finding new blogs to visit and yours is terrific! Look forward to snooping around some more.
love that they are branching into acrylics cute!
I love this giveaway frenzy! I've been really enjoying looking at your site too!
wow! what a big give away day on your blog!! thanks for sharing!!
Wow! Guest Blogger! How cool is that? Thanks for the opportunity to win goodies!
Claudine - it was great to find out about you today, your work is fascinating. I can't wait to explore your site further. Thanks, Sandy
Wow, I loved your use of hero stamps on the blog today, so inspirational - thanks
It is so much fun to see what you came up with for your Hero Arts art! No matterwhat stamps and products your cool style came through.

Please add my name to your drawing. Thanks!
I just sent you an invitation through Twitter.... mabe that's how it works?!
Your art is so inspiring!
Claudine -

You are an amazing and fun artist. I have been following your work for some time and was so excited to see you as a guest blogger for Hero Arts. Thank you for inspiring us with your incredible talent!!

Claudine, love your work. It is homey and edgy all at the same time. Thanks for sharing with us.
Happy to see your work at HA. Your artwork is great!
Claudine -
I love your work. Thanks for offering these giveaways. It is so nice.

Claudine -
I love your work. Thanks for offering these giveaways. It is so nice.

Thanks for sharing your work! I love the use of the photography in your art.
I love Hero Arts stamps. I really could use these for my borders or backgrounds. Thanks for the chance to win.
Pick me pick me
Winning can be so much fun--you've got some followers today!
I love the colors of the notecards, especially together. This is such a fun way to do a giveaway.
Boy would I love these! Thanks!
I'm so glad Hero Arts introduced us all to you and your beautiful blog.

this is so fun....I love the stamps
I just happened upon your blog and I love your funky creative style! It's different and I enjoy seeing other creative styles that are not run of the mill but great ideas. I'd love to win a free RAK! Thanks.
I did this for my wife. I hope I can win something for her.
I love all of these stamps. Love your creative style too.
Super cute stamp set! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.
Ooooh, two of my favorite colors!!!
Hi, Claudine, wonderful work on HA blog. Enjoy it. The give away stuff is so yummy. I hope I can win it.
Pick me! Pick me! ;)

oh i would love this one, love those stamps
Thanks for doing all these giveaways!
Claudine - If you see this, I'd really like to know what size canvas you used in your collage. Thanks! :)
What a fun day! I love seeing your take on using the HA products since your style is so different and fun!
Pick me! :) PLEASE!
Never give up trying and creating.

Karen D Love your work and so glad to have met you through HA I hope i win
WHat a busy day giving away fun stuff! Thanks!
love the kits! Love hero arts! Love you! love the world! it's a love fest!
Wow! What a lovely prize. Hope I win :-)
I missed out on most of the fun. Please enter me for this giveaway! Thanks!
Ooh, maybe I'll get lucky this time! :)
Yo wassup Claudine? It's Lisa Harper from your collage workshop this weekend. Hoping I'm the lucky winner!! Laters....lisa
Welcome to Hero Arts. I love hero arts. Choose me, choose me....

So exciting! We're getting close to the giveaway! Yay! :-)
Pick me, I'd love to win this! :)
This has been fun! Thank you for the spark today!
OOhhh...pick me, pick me...please?!?
Love your work and very fun give-away!!
Thanks for such a fun day of giveaways!
One last chance on giveaway 4. Can't wait 'til giveaway 6! Thanks, Claudine, for making this such a fun day!!! :)
love the giveaways...and twitter. I credit you with introducing me from a SIStv post.

U R Awesome! ;)
Congratulations, Sandy!
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