Hero Arts giveaway #3
Ok this Hero Arts giveaway is for all my Twitter followers!


If you follow me on Twitter, @ reply me on Twitter by saying "hero arts giveaway" in the message and I'll pick a winner at random. Window to enter is from now until 7pm EST. Winner will be posted here this evening! Go!

3 more giveaways left!!!

PS: If you are not a member of Twitter or don't want to join, please don't stress! I have 3 more giveaways left! I don't want anyone to feel they have to join Twitter, this was just something fun for the Twitter people out there. (Hey Tweets!!) I actually copied the idea from Zappos CEO who gives things away to his Twitter followers. Yay Zappos!

PPS: hey everyone! so sorry the Twitter thing became a hassle. It was supposed to be fun :(
I changed my Twitter settings to receive all @replies I didn't even know it was set t only receive from people I am following, duh! Because of various technical issues with twitter I will extend the deadline to midnight EST time to give you more time!

I compiled together all the @replies and direct messages from Twitter, put them in an Excel file and then used the number generator to pick a number. And..... drumroll...... MandieGirl you're the winner!! Send me your address and I will mail this out next week!

YAY!! thank you everyone for playing! there are still two more giveaways that go on through the weekend. Giveaway #1 and #6! So still a chance to win!

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so, I bagan following you, but am very tekky challenged, and do not know how to reply....any hints?
Yes, I "follow" your Twitter by reading it on the right side of your blog. Do I need to join the "Twitter" thing to leave a comment on your comments? I have an old cell Phone (six years old), so I'm afraid it will "Squak!". HELP!

hi there! to do an @reply just send a twitter message that is

@collageartist then this part is your message

so you put the @username in the first part of your message and then it replies to me. weird but once you do it, it makes sense!

You can also click on the arrow next to one of my messages to @reply, it says "reply to collageartist" when you mouse over it.

hope that helps!!
yay1 i'm doing this now!:)

you don't need a cell phone to join twitter just go to and join, then add me as one of the people you are following.

Please don't worry about it! I have 2 more prizes that don't involve Twitter. I don't want anyone to stress. I just thought this would be fun for my Tweet Peeps!
Cool stamp! ... Would LOVE to see samples using it!!!
Yay! Done! *fingers crossed*


Thanks for the help! Now if only I could win something! :)
Samples using this stamp can be seen at: and
I don't know if my last comment worked...
I think twitter is done...
I tried to add a pic...but they are working on the site...I think I did get my comment in there....
won't work for me, unfortunately. I joined.. and can find reply... but it won't let me reply. sigh
I am hopeful this message reaches you! What a techno idiot I am!! I left a cryptic message in twitter, but have no idea what I was doing! Anyway, I would love to win HA goodies! Thanks for sharing.
I just left a message about being a techno idiot and because it went as anonymous, I am sending this one! Guess I clicked on the wrong button. Anyway, I would love to win some HA goodies and thank you for sharing!
THis is my third try. My name is Judy Jung.!! I don't know how to make my name show up on my comment. Thanks!
I give up! I'm a tech by day, and I have just spent an hour and a half trying to reply to you on Twitter and I just can't! I really wanted to win the stamps, but no matter what I do I just don't get how to reply to you. I've set up Gtalk, Windows IM and Jabber and none of them will allow me to IM you unless you reply to my invitation. Anyway, maybe another time. As you can see, I'm frazzled now. Oh, and BTW, it is a really nice gesture for you to do the Hero Arts Giveaway, Claudine. I read your blog, belong to your groupd and have loved your art since before you were famous. Thanks for all the sharing you do.
twitter is working at this time...I was able to add pic..
I hope I replied right....giggles
you are soooo creative.....
and I'm you new blog stalker...giggles
I just love your work
what a great giveaway :) pick me pick me :) lol

Ciao for now
I added you on Twitter, but I can't message you unless you add me.

Please enter me :)

queenoftheclick (at)
hi again
Ruthe Ann
hey everyone! so sorry the Twitter thing became a hassle. it was supposed to be fun :(

I changed my Twitter settings to receive all @replies I didn't even know it was set to be private. Because of that I will extend the deadline to midnight EST time to give you more time!
enter me
thanks! i am SO excited!!!
wow. awesome
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