Hero Arts giveaway #2
Ok it's time for giveaway #2! To win this one post a comment below. The 25th comment will win!


4 more giveaways to go! check back soon for another one!

EDITED 2:50pm -- WINNER!!!
OK!!! Steph of I Told You I was Crafty Blog you're #25!! "Anonymous" was really number 25 but no name was signed so it goes to the next one which is you!!! Email me your address and I will send this to you next week when I send everything out!

OPPS! now Anonymous has come forward! Don't worry Shelly Jaquet
! Just to be fair I have a little extra somethin' I will send you just special! Send me your address too via email and I will add you :)

Steph is going to take the runner up prize and Shelly Jaquet you get the prize pictured above! thanks Steph for offering to do that! we had a little prize giveaway extra there! yay Shelly for being #25!

Don't worry! More winning coming up later today! 4 more chances!

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Am I the first to comment? Thought I'd get the ball rolling on this one. If I have to, I'll post 24 more comments! LOL Thanks for your generosity! Hero Arts makes such great products!
love it!! pick me :)
i just watched one of your videos. So cool.
need these stamps
counting 1-2-3-4-FIVE
Awesome stuff, I love these stamps.
I doubt that I will leave 21 comments in a row, but somebody must help move the number along!

Thank you for the offering and I will continue to check back!

Love these stamps! Shelly Jaquet
Great Give Aways Claudine!


Does it count if I'll be 25 in 2 days? HEHE!
Just got in from the first part of my work day and was checking email! Wow! Claudine, this is really nice of you and fun!

The number seems to be moving quicker than I anticipated! Maybe if we work together, we can have a winner soon!
This is fun! We will be to 25 in no time!
moving right along......
to number....
maybe me?
I wonder what she will do for the other give aways?
I was wondering how many people were paying attention to their blog readers to get this update, more than I would have thought.
Oh, these are cute!!!!
Ooh, I really like that circle set! Thanks for the oppportunity
So who is going to be the lucky one?!?!? ShellyJ
this is super cool. from what pictures she posted she has some awesome stuff listed! I hope I win! :)
hmmm i say ........ now!
OK, I'll add my comments to keep it moving . . .I want to see what the next prize will be!!!
Almost there!
This one is pretty fun! :)
ok me! :)
could it be me?
trying again for the magic comment #25, cause those are some seriously cute little stamps!!!
OOPS! I didnt put my name on my "THIS ONE IS PRETTY FUN"!!!

Shelly Jaquet!
shoot. I'm too late. Congrats to the one who won this awesome pack!!!
I really want the prize! :(
Kind of a different way of winning a prize.?
Ohhh soo close! Congrats on winning those super cool stamps!
These are very cute!
Man! I missed it!
bummer...late again. What a fun prize.
I love your work! Thanks for giving us some great contest opportunities, too!
Thanks for offering this :)
Too late? What a pitty ...
This is more fun than working!!!
Totally missed all of the fun... oh well... I'll stay home now!
what a great giveaway :) pick me pick me :) lol

Ciao for now
Congratulations, Steph!
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