Hero Arts giveaway #1
Hi everyone! OK here's giveaway pack #1!


To win this one, go to the Hero Arts blog and post a comment in my Guest Blogger post! Comments for the contest will be open through the weekend and the winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday June 3rd! Winner will be notified via email and posted here!

5 more prize packs to go! Check back later to win more:)

WINNER announcement!

OK! A winner has been chosen! From the 280 postings on the Hero Arts Blog the random number generator popped up with #135! So Sabrina Strong you are the winner! Email me your address and I will send your prize!

Thank you everyone for playing! that was a fun giveaway!

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Oooh! The giveaways begin! It is so cool of you to share your bounty!
I loved your artwork @ hero arts! So very wonderful! :D

I would love to win this giveaway! :D
Okay, just left a comment over there! I will keep checking back. :)
I will definitely check back. I left my comment over there and hope to win! :)
I enjoy reading your blog about your are an inspiration every day!!!
Oh those are yummy colors :) I have yet to see those flowers in the stores! Very pretty!
wow your canvas is beautiful. I wish i had your talent!
I love your collages, I am always inspired. I have your collage discovery workshop book and have little collage parties once a month.
I am a little confused where I am supposed to post to win a hero arts gift so I am going to post here and there.
As always I love your artwork Claudine.

SWeet!!! Enjoying all your new artsy tools!
Carla H.
Thanks for sharing your art and your goodies from Hero Arts. We love winning prizes!
I like seeing what new and unique techniques you use especially transfers. Thank you for the inspirations!
yay how fun!!!!
I will definitely check back. Hope I will see all the prize packs because of the time difference. It's now 21:24 PM. I left my comment over there and hope to win! :)
That looks like some good stuff.
what a great giveaway :) pick me pick me :) lol

Ciao for now
Love the use of photography in your work! Thanks for sharing your talents and hosting the giveaways!
very cool picture....I would love to try this technique
Karen D Hi i love your work where i live there are no classes so i pick up inspiration from HA and now i have seen your blog i will be tuning in frequently love this technique
Thanks for sharing your great ideas and participating in the Hero Arts Blog!
You do such beautiful artwork. I have never seen anything like this before.
I want to be like claudine when I grow up! :) I want to get all those goodies in the mail , it would be like christmas everyday . So fun!!!!
I have followed your work for years and have even met you! Love your work, always fun inspirational pieces.
Love your work and love the bling bling in this giveaway!
This is so neat! Thanks so much for sharing!
oooohh, pretty!
love your blog and who doesn't like Hero Arts? Vickibee
Ooh! I love Hero Arts!! Thanks for sharing all these goodies with us!
-Katherine M.
Love your work! Have a great weekend! :) Jessie
Wonderful colors and fun possibilities!
these cutie patootie
Hero Arts products!
Thanks for all your cool giveaways this week. :)
Love all the goodies
The summer colors in the giveway #6 have so much potential. It's been fun having you as a guest blogger and giving away some Hero Arts products. You're very talented!!
What wonderful goodies! Great blog!! I'm adding you to my Google Reader!! Thanks!
Oh, such fabulous goodies. Love all of it!

Awesome goodies!! thank you for the opportunity. Cool blog!
I love trees in artwork
First I want to say how much i admire you and the way you create art.

I'm always up for a give away:>)
Love the bling in this one! Giveaways are such a wonderful thing :)
I love those hearts and the bling!
HI, I finished my textile project from inspired!!! I love it! Thanks for the new inspiration.

Joy in mo
HI, I finished my textile project from inspired!!! I love it! Thanks for the new inspiration.

Joy in mo
Gosh what a fab blog, I love your work, I can't stop looking at it.
Thanks for sharing.

Claudine, I appreciate your talents and your willingness to share with us, the Hero Arts addicts! Thanks
Hi :)
Cute pets :)
do you really read all these? thanks for the giveaways and HI !
i hope i win!yummy. :)
I usually look for the new art work and skip the writings. The blog candy from Hero Arts is a wonderful giveaway. I will keep reading. Thank you.
your art is very interesting, new & different! inspired to try new things!
Love Hero Arts- only found them recently via a purchase of clear stamps (my fave).
I soooo want to win! :)
I would love to win!
Have known of your work for quite some time, but just found your blog thanks to Hero. Wonderful stuff, as always.
Loooooovin it! :) Thanks for sharing!!!
The Hero Arts giveaway #1 is composed of beautiful, soothing colors - reminds me of a lazy day by the beach and it brings peace and warmth to my soul. I love it!!

It was inspiring watching your clip on HGTV (one of the most watched stations in my house). I loved how you integrated your family into the clip - it is obvious that you have their support! Your projects are so special and help to capture the essence of the subjects with just a few photos! Keep up the great work.
I love the give away.
What a wonderful giveaway!!! I'm addicted to gemstones =)

Thanks for the oportunity!
such fabulous goodies,
keep up the good work!!!
The world needs more creative artists like you! Wish you great success and tons of FUN.
Great, great giveaway! And, such inspiring ideas!
Oh, the things I could create with this treasure of a giveaway!
Claudine, your style of art inspires me to try something different and out of the box. Thank you for that!
OOOOOOOOOH!, sparklies.... LOL

(Pattie's passion)

I Scrap So All Moments Are Remembered!!!!
Love seeing all the products the designers use.
Hi Claudine, wasn't sure where to leave a comment on the H/A Blog so will just leave one here.
I love your give aways as it's also a great excuse to look at the rest of your stuff!
Thanks :)
OOOOhhhh those soft colors are SO yummy! I would love to get my hands on all of it!

Awesome! How fun :)
Je suis française et je viens de découvrir votre site. Je possède des tampons hero art et je les trouve magnifiques. Votre site est une mine d'idées. J'aimerais bien faire partie des gagnantes, alors moi aussi je tente ma chance. Bravo. I love your post and I've buy stamp for scrap (dandelion, stars and owl). I hope I will be the winner.... Thank you. Martine
Wow, I love your artwork!!! That must have taken a lot of time to create it, but definetly worth it!!!
This blog is fabulous. It's the first thing I check in the morning, then I head down to my workshop to play! Keep up the great work!!!!
Hoping to win, the colors are so cute in this set!
What a wonderful set....perfect for some of the flourishs and flowers we have seen this sprint! Thanks for putting this set together. Great inspiration!
Thank you for sharing - so many ideas and so little time. I'll save your site so I can check out more ideas and be more inspired to create.
I'm excited about your blog and the Hero Arts giveaway.
super give away!
I've been lookng for those lovely gems for ages...
yiiiiipppppeeee giveaway !!! Lovely sunday to you ;-)
I love your work (and giveaways :) )!
I have always enjoyed your work.
I love your blog and your artwork! Thanks for sharing
What's not to like...It's Hero Arts so it's all wonderful stuff!!
Beautiful creations Claudine! Love all the added texture too!
Yippy a giveaway!! Pick me pick me.
Thanks for thinkin of us!
Really love your art !!!
X Suus
I love your creativity--it really inspires!

Karen D Glad to have found your blog love your work
i feel LUCKY today! your art is amazing and oh so different!
Beautiful and inspiring, thanks for sharing!
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