happy mother's day!
Super Happy Mother's Day to my Mom and all the Mom's out there!


This is one of my favorite photos of my Mom in her 20's when she was working for The Sunday Express in Johannesburg. She's sitting on the shoulders of Mr Universe! So cute!I posted it last year but can't resist posting it again. Love you Mom!


That pictures is adorable!
Boy, shes a cutie and how lucky she is to be sitting up there!
This picture of your Mom is so fun! I know where you got you slim build from..... she is so pretty! Happy Mother's Day to you and your Mom♥Erin : )
What a cool picture! I just used your paper for the first time, and i gotta say, for the first time in my scrapping career I finally felt like an artist. Thanks so much for bg paper, I cant wait to get my hands on some more!
What a great picture to have!
oh my gosh, you look exactly like your mom (minus the brunette hair!)

oh, and her shoes are just TOO cute!!
Thank you darling. Happy memories of crazy days as girl reporter in Johannesburg. Not as pretty as you are though.
This is such an amazing picture!
Interesting to hear your mum worked in Joburg, did you grow up there?
I also really like the piece below with the cowboy family!
Love this...

Happy Mother's day to your Mom...
I just love that photo of your mom. I'm glad you shared it with us again.

Did your "children" give you anything for Mother's Day? (My cat presented me with a hairball....!)

Melissa L.
Wooooo ~ Hooo!!
I don't think too many women in the world have THAT as one of their pictures from their past!! *Let alone a daughter to be able to say...."yep, that's my mom!!"
How fabulous!!
I'm sitting here trying to think about whether or not this man could place me on his shouler...Hhhmmm...I'm thinking that one of my cheeks might fit...the other might hang off to the side:)So picture - wouldn't be very cute!

Thanks for sharing this photo!!
Happy Mother's Day (belated)!
She's adorable and has your smile! That's one for the photo album!
I know! isn't that photo the greatest! I need to get it blown up and framed big.

My parents immigrated to the US before I was born, Mom's English, Dad's German. I was born right here in Florida which is a rarity! A Florida Native!
Dang! Is Mr. Universe your dad?? ;-)
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