all done!
Here's a custom canvas order that I finished up and is on it's way to Italy!

(click image to enlarge)
Love this little girl riding the horse. She loves bunnie and doggies (and horses too!) so we wanted to create something that showed all that!


Hello hope you dont mind me commenting again but this is just wonderful. You truly are very talented.
another beauty Claudine...I am sure the family will be thrilled when they recieve it and display it proudly.
Love everything about this Claudine, all the way down to the music note from the birdie ;)
Enchanting and how very personal. I love your attention to detail!
thanks ladies! I had fun working on this one!
Hi, Claudine- love this one! (and the picture of sleepy Stanley hiding from the camera shot-)
Come and see what we've been up to....Postmark:LA! xoC
You are a wild women Claudine! You're work is so much fun. I'm a California artist. Please come visit me also.
Adorable! And the dog is so cute, he made me laugh out loud. You rock, girl!
Hi Claudine,
You must visit my blog this week. I'm giving everyone a forum to vent. It feels great!!
That is a FABULOUS piece!! I'm sure they will be tickled pink to receive that and hang it in a special spot!!

* Since I was a little girl that always wanted a pony and never had one...perhaps, I should get a picture done with myself mounted on a horse!! * Or a more ‘correct’ picture would be you placing me half on the horse...half off the horse...since that would be a more accurate picture of my horse riding abilities;) Hhhmmm…..

You make such wonderful ’keepsakes’ for families…I hope that in doing your art it just fills your heart with the knowledge that you brighten the world of others!!
What fun! I love the muted colors and the whimsical flowers that border the bottom of the frame. Nice work.
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