I'm home!
I am home!! The Inspired event was super duper amazing every spare minute was jam packed with classes and learn and I have never seen so many smiling faces!

Donna pulled off a first time event like no other. I have been to a lot of first time events and this was flawless.

And let me tell you about the goodies!!! Aprons, jewelry, roses for the teachers and the students, super cute bags, the swag was incredible. I have never been so spoiled.

And the students were too sweet showering me with gifties. It was too much!

The days were longer than what I am used to when I usually teach --- packing in as much class time as possible, but the smiles and excitement got me through!

I had two of the most amazing assistants ever (thank you ladies -- you saved me!!!)

I got to spend time with friends like Kal, Christina, Ali, and meet super cool gals like Heather Bailey (Must have her hair thingies!) Took a lovely cab ride to the airport with Tena and made a new friend who lives here in Orlando -- hi Lori!! Saw some buddies from the SwitchBoards and from

I am beat!! But the good news is --- I did not get one migraine! I think this new higher dosage of Topamax is working. Normally I would have had at least one a day under teaching and travel etc. So I am very hopeful this might actually be working.

Now I am off to watch TV, rest and then lots of catch up tomorrow. On my DVR is Rock of Love (will Daisy win?!) and HBO's John Adams. I love the dichotomy of seeing one trashy mindless show next to a brainy show in my list. The big question is which one will I watch first?


So great to meet you this weekend! I just watched Rock of Love! I won't spoil it. Enjoy!
The Rock of Love Finale was perfect, he picked my choice! Yay!
I loved your class & the poppets & the cute pictures of your doggie. - Katie Scott, St. Pete FL
Claudine, your class was so fun! My picture was my baby great-niece and she is looking down slightly with a funny expression on her face in the shot. The poppet just looks so fun with the pink floral fabric and the lime green paper collar that I have to smile whenever I see it. Thanks again and I'm rooting for another appearance for you on Martha!!
My son kept calling the poppet "umbrella" because of the fabric - he adores it. Thanks again!
SOOO nice meeting you! AND thanks again for taking the time to chat with me before your classes on Saturday (giving me the supply list & quick directions). You are an absolute joy & I cannot wait to make my poppets! :) Glad you got to come to the event!
Congrats on a great event, wish I could've been there (doing Creative Escape in September this year, has taxed me for all other events!) ;) and especially congrats on no migraines...those are truly evil!
--Denise in Michigan
I enjoyed the opportunity to meet you and to receive inspiration in person. Your class was so much fun.

I was definitely INSPIRED!

Jeanette :)

Hello my new friend!! I had SUCH A BLAST helping in your class and at Olive Garden!! You were so much fun and I wish we lived closer so we could hang out!! Keep in touch, Katie Lee
it was so cool to meet you this weekend.
hoping to see you again when you come to mn.
take care!
Hello Claudine! LOVED your class--you are indeed an inspiration.
glad you are home safe and sound, i want to take a class some day, i'm in awe, artsy lady!!!
kathy :-)
Hi Claudine,

It was great seeing you again-

Your class was a blast-I wish you could have seen the looks I got in the airport and on the plane while trying to protect my little poppet:) please say hi the next time you are in the store
Wow Claudine...don't know how you found my blog to post-- but you did and I'm flattered you liked my poppets. My kids loved them and now they sit on my mantle bringing whimsy to be as I pass by...You were all shades of cute in class and I really felt so comfortable and inspired in your class....THANK YOU. so glad to hear you did not get a migraine in class- YAHOO...thanks again for all of your talent at Inspired.
claudine it was so cool to get to chat and spend time with you at inspired! tena
Your class at Inspired was great and it was really nice to meet you!
I know about this trashy show/classy show dichotomy and it's priceless! I, for example, will watch 47 hours of The Hills, and then watch documentaries about music, art, how helvetica was invented, and the latest in surgery techniques. Oh, and Pride and Prejudice. And I was going to watch No Country For Old Men again, but then I saw that a marathon of Housewives of Orange County was on.

Maybe this is why I get the parameters for my swaps mixed up?
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