I had big plans of getting lots done but things aren't happening that way.


Apparently I have had a reaction to the antibiotic (Cipro) I have been taking for this never ending sinus infection that I just can't shake. I was wondering why I couldn't sleep and was feeling jittery all the time. I kept blaming all the antihistamines I was taking. I was barely getting 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night for the past week and it's made my blood pressure all crazy. Now I've stopped taking it I can hardly move I am so tired. Tomorrow I'm going back to the Dr to address the sinus infection and see what to take next. I am almost reluctant to try anything new at this point. Maybe take a rest from drugs for a little bit!

I think I am going to go to bed really early tonight and then see if I can manage to get some work done tomorrow. I am feeling a little desperate about getting work done but I know if I try to work now I will only make a mess of things and then I will get frustrated.

I am off to bed!


Oh, you poor thing! Drugs are such a miracle, but they can be a problem, too, like if you are allergect...even just regular "side effects" can be as bad as the problem you are taking them for!
Your Big Kitty is so cute : ) FEEL BETTER SOON!
Ever thought about trying a Neti pot? It's sinus irrigation. Most health food stores will carry this product. It's a little bizarre at first but I think it really helps.

Good luck!
I had the same kind of reaction to Cipro so I totally understand how you feel! I feel for ya. Get better soon!
Love your custom art work and i sure wished I was that cat. Elaine Cooke
hope you feel better soon. gotta love that cat shot. cats are the best sleepers!!
I use the Neti pot, too. Gross but effective. Seriously hurts, however, if you have stuffy, blocked, infected yuckiness. Better as a preventative.
Can't wait to see your new line with Ranger!
so sorry you are under the weather.. I have had crummy reactions to Cipro too. wishing you good sleep! tena
Hi, hope you're getting better now, I used to have bad sinusitis all the time and then stopped taking any Antibiotics altogether years ago, did a detox and homeopathic therapy and after 1 month I was fine and never had serious infections again! And Neti Pot has worked for me, too! :o)
You just have to rest girl. I know it probably makes you crazy but it will help you heal faster and get to that doc!
Rest is the thing. And don't feel guilty about not doing work. I am sick and have a pile of artwork to do but as you say, I know I'll make a mess of it if I attempt it with this full head. Take good care.
Poor you! Maybe you should email all your clients and postpone the deadlines so that you can get some proper rest and relaxation time. Sometimes the only way to get well is to take some time off :)
Get some rest girl!!! You need it and deserve it!


More wishes to feel better soon!
Get your self better, that's the first priority! Then you will be able to whip through your art... xoxo
maybe it's not a bacteria infection, but a fungal infection and the antibiotics don't work with it.
Hope you're feeling better
So very sad you are still under the weather. The "Inspired" event sounds fabulous -- wish it was near where I am!

I am so enjoying your blog. It's a treat to visit!
Christiane -- I am afraid of the Netti Pot it looks scary to me but I might get that desperate!!
Hope you're feeling better by now. That Mabel is just incredible & Stanley is right up there with her. They add such warmth to an already beautiful blog.
I'm with the Neti Pot Club, but it's kinda like exercise: I like having done it! It REALLY does work, tho. I just bought one for my brother who has allergies and he's a total convert.
In his book "Radical Healing," Dr. Ballentine tells about a patient who had chronic sinus migraines and he gave her a Neti Pot. The details are too disgusting to share. Suffice it to say, she was cured! Hope you feel better! :-) Hali
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