catching up!
Lots of work and only a few days to get it done! I am only in town this week then on Monday I head up to New Jersey to the Ranger offices to work with them on my product line, I'll be up there almost a whole week! I'm excited but also sad to be leaving home again.

So I am in headless chicken mode, finishing up custom artwork orders, working on CHA Summer class ideas, and various other things I have on the burner.

Tomorrow I will be getting our niece her first communion present, and our other niece, Madison her 2nd birthday present, also something for me to wear to Maiya's first communion this Sunday (I can't wear jeans!), and I think there is something else I am forgetting. Whew deep breaths!

The catalog came in the mail today. I love reading that thing. Am I the only weirdo who thinks it's relaxing to look at a catalog full of cardboard boxes and packing tape while I lay in bed?


ha! no, you're not the only one! :-)
I totally love the U-Line catalog. My husband was getting it in the mail and I discovered it. Now I anticipate it's arrival and when it comes in my hubby automatically puts it on my work table in my studio. Thank you Claudine for a truly wonderful class at Inspired. I so looked forward to making my Poppet and it was all I hoped it would be. You are so funny and so great at bringing out the best in your students.

No, not weird at all. Uline products make life easier, cleaner, more efficient. They're therapeutic.
That's exciting news about your line with Ranger, I look forward to seeing and using it! Thanks for all of your inspiration.
Are you kidding? Uline rocks! Alternative art supplies! Like, the unit price for acid-free chipboard is sooooo fine!
Just got mine too - LOVE looking through it. Can't find enough reasons to buy a carton full of cardboard boxes!
PS - loved your class at Inspired!
Debbie Shannon
(originally from O'Town, transplanted to NC) *smile*
have fun next week!!! thanks for the lead on the catalog, i must check it out!!!
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