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This weekend I cleaned out the Master Bedroom closet while Paul and his buddies watched football. What a mess our closet was! I cleaned out 6 bags of clothes for charity and a ton of old shoes and now it's looking so neat I can hardly stand it.

I also changed the doors on all our medicine cabinets to much nicer ones I got from Lowes.

Then I went on a touch up paint mission. Most of our walls are all this odd taupe color that looks brown in some light and purple in others. I am not a big fan of the color but with lots of large artwork on the walls I have managed to "make it work" (as Tim Gunn would say). I have not gotten to repainting yet, maybe in 2008 December break I will repaint the inside of the house!

So anyway, I took some shelving down so I was in major need of touch up paint. Since the people who lived here before us didn't leave us any colors, I took a slice from the wall and headed to Home Depot to have them match it. I brought the paint home and tested it and it was WAY off. Like not even passable. ugh! So then I thought I'd try Lowes and see if they were any better at matching. I had them mix some up from the same sample and it's much closer. 99% there. Yay Lowes!

I did also manage to get a little studio time in there between all the house work, but Jan 1st it's back to work full time. I have enjoyed a little break from making art -- all this house cleaning has given me a chance to mull over some ideas and think about some projects I am working on with new perspective. yay!


I wish you a happy and creative new year! Thank you so much for inspiring me!
That paper doll thing is SO cute. Happy New Year!
A little cuckoo betting!

Just to tell you that I love your work;

I wish you the best for 2008


Google translation
I love to 'clean and mull'! Some of my best art ideas come when I am cleaning...
Happy New Year!
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