i'm on diy right now!
I was just searching the internet and discovered that an un-aired episode of DIY Craft Lab that we taped in 2006 is finally on. And it's on right now! Looks like they will re-air it Feb 6th if you missed it. Good thing I DVR that show every day or I would have missed it too. Now I'm off to see how that green jacket that the wardrobe lady lent to me looked. LOL!


Hi Claudine, I just watched! :)

I always watch DIY when I take a lunch break, and there you were! Then I popped in to your blog to see what's new.

Happy New Year
Oh yay! I record it every day, too, so I'm glad to know that you are on there. I just have to wait for naptime so I can watch it - right now, it's the "kid's turn" on the tv. :)
ha ha, I was just watching it and decided to check out your blog again. What a fun episode! I just dicovered this show Monday and am so excited to see a familiar face!
Rock on!! Congratulations Claudine, you deserve it!! I will set my DVR for the Feb 6 episode since I missed it this time around...wait, I wonder if I even *get* the right channel?? Is it DIY Network? Will have to research if I get it... Good luck!!
I caught that episode, then I saw you blogged about it. The project is so cute, I may put it on my very large "to-do" list.
I was nicely suprised to find my tivo episode featured you.

I was like HEY, I know her

Great show. I even saved it for later, which I rarely do..
Dang I missed the episode, I'll have to watch in Feb. I'm surprised they are showing it then, DIY told me no more Craft Lab on TV in 2008.
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