illustration friday: little things
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "little things"

(click image to enlarge)
This piece was created for a 2009 calendar by TeNeues Publishing but I thought it worked for the theme. This little lady is knitting up some little things for her kitties!


they all look very happy....that reminds me, I need to get back to knitting that scarf :) I love your choice of colors and how you have cast the light....quite lovely !!
What a great little piece! I love it all, especially the lampshade and the kitten playing with the ball of yarn!
I'm happy to see you've got a blog, I'm an admirer of your illustrations. :-)
Cute and peaceful ... another time another life
your colors are always super! and you should have a huge image bank fot the faces!
lovely little kitties
Yeah for knitting! I love the illustration. Thank you for having knitting and no granny!!!
Wonderful! Love the kittens especially the one on her lap.
Oooo, this is lovely! I love all the different textures.
Cheerful and fun! I love the colors.
Awww, I love the kittens, and her lovely dress. :)

Also, I tagged you for the top 25 Movies meme.
Ohhhh so perfect!!! really lovely!!
She looks very proper. :-)
This is a pretty piece. I like the woman character and her costume which fits her character very well. The kitties are very good design, great line/contour drawing.
Hey Supergirl, you've done it again. Your pieces just crack me up - soooo clever! Thanks for the smile - happy holidays!
This is a great image! By the way, I've enjoyed your books--thanks!
Nice image for little things. I like the combination of flat drawings with paper collage. Good stuff really.
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