welcome to the modern world
I am now a modern citizen with a camera phone! Until this weekend Paul and I have been using 4 year old cell phones with no special features. But they finally broke so we were forced to buy new phones. I hate dealing with the cell phone stores because I always feel like the sales people will try to swindle me. When they told me I had to sign up for a new plan I got all hot and sweaty. Why-oh-why can't they have a simple plan? Too many choices! I don't even know how to text message. It takes me 30 minutes just to type one word. When I told the cell phone girl this she actually gasped. The horror. Now I have to learn how to use this phone so I can take millions of photos of Toby, Stanley and Mabel. yay!


Claudine - you're WAY ahead of me! I don't EVEN HAVE a cell phone. When Dan's rings - I toss it over to him like a hot potatoe. I don't even know how to answer it!
I just got a cell phone that takes pictures, video and you can download music. Too bad the "download music package" is already collecting dust...Eh, it's a phone, for calls. period.

Anyways, I just wanted to also let you know I was SO excited to find you in the blogosphere, because I have been a huge fan of yours since I stumbled upon the "collage discovery" book, and then the follow up, "beyond the unexpected". I love it because I have a totally separate style from you, but the tips and tricks are amazing.

You've officially been linked from my page!
What you need is a teenage son at your service!
Oh my gosh, I can totally relate. I just got a phone with a camera on it and I can't even figure out how to take a picture. And when I text, I takes me forever to get each letter and I still can't find the punctuation. I had to call myself from the house phone just to be sure I knew how to answer the cell phone, HAHAHA!!
I don't feel so bad now. Lately, every time I pull my cell phone out I get comments from people about how they use to have that type of phone "like two phones ago", or shocked they say"wow, that's really old". I can't text message either, lol.
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