project runway!
Quick thoughts: Loved the menswear episode. I can not imagine creating something that intricate in two days without a pattern. I thought that Jake would get in trouble for using his shorts as a pattern but that never happened. I can't believe Sweet Pea was allowed to stay. Carmen's was just as unfinished but somehow looked like she got more done, maybe it was because she had a jacket (even if it did look like a Members Only jacket). Sweet Pea's shirt was in terrible shape. I wonder if Tiki really will wear that outfit on the Today Show. hmmm!

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I really enjoyed last night's episode too and can't imagine how hard that challenge must've been!! Yea, it'll be interesting to see if Tiki actually wears that outfit because none of them were really that great. ;-)
Supposedly Tiki wore the outfit this morning on the Today Show.

Click here for my recap of last night's episode.
He wore it this morning, and Jake was there as well!
I missed the show but I knew I could visit here and find out what happened. I thought she would be the next to go. I hope you aren't too busy with your wishlist orders!
I was not all that crazy about this episode. Too much stress! Last weeks show with Sarah Jessica Parker was much more entertaining.
well, i just have to say, how cute is the name sweet pea? and i just love the way heidi says it!
I am surprised to hear that Tiki actually wore that outfit on the show. I didn't care for all the different stripes. Sweet pea should have been OUT!
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