project runway!
A few thoughts from this episode of Project Runway:

It looks like Ricky will be this season's crier. He already teared up a few times. Martha and I have already started calling him "the crier" when we talk on the phone about the show. Not that I would be any better if I were on the show. If I were on the show I would be crying all the time. I don't think I could handle the stress of having to create on demand like that.

Elisa and Sweet Pea managed to pull off a really nice outfit!

Christian and Carmen got together and made an eighties Robert Palmer outfit. Did you notice that Christian and Carmen wear their hair almost exactly the same?

Victorya's outfit won. It was nice and all, but it's the same shapeless tent dress style that she created last week and in the same color (black).

It's already really good and it's only the second episode! I hope that Heidi Klum is not getting tired of doing the show so we can have more seasons. I heard that on Ellen's Show, Heidi was on and Ellen asked her about Project Runway and Heidi said "oh you know, same sh--, different season" Ugh! Way to endorse your show Heidi!


I finally got to see what all the fuss is about! I got to go home early yesterday for the holiday and plopped in front of the coach, flipping through I saw Runway on. I love Tim Gunn's guide to style so I thought ah, let me check this out. Uh-oh I think I'm hooked. It seemed to be a marathon going on and sat and watched the whole thing. I'm not sure what season it was, it was the one that Chloe won? Anyway got caught up on this season, my husband was even into it! I agree about the Ricky the crier, don't know how much more I can take of that though. Elise gives me the creeeeps.
I love seeing people's reactions to Elisa on the show!
Didn't notice the hair thing with Christian and Carmen, now I have to catch a bit again to check it out asap!
Yeah, I think Ricky might set some crying records....
Victorya hopefully won't get away with doing the same thing over and over as long as a couple of gals did last season - heck they rode it all the way to the finals!

Hopefully Heidi leaves a good thing alone - wonder if she is jealous of Tim Gunn's popularity with all us "PR Addicts"?!

Happy Vegetarian Turkey Day! Hope you are feeling better?!
I was so excited to see SJP on the show. I loved SITC-mainly for the clothes! Happy Thanksgiving!
I'm loving the new season!

Ricky is sooo the crier!!!
Yah, I agree...what were they raving about (Victorya's dress)?? Um, hello TENT!!

hahah. I love Ricky!! So cute and emotional. But somehow, NOT at all annoying to me. (...yet, I guess I should add.. ;) )
...Let me amend that - - I love Chris. Ricky does bog me...a little, so far. ;)

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