people are dumb
Today I found a dog roaming the neighborhood. At least I was dressed this time and not in my PJs like last time. I ran down the street to get him noticing a car swerving to almost miss him. I caught up with him and thankfully he had a collar with his address. I put Toby's leash on him and I found the house, about a block a away. The woman answers the door and doesn't say thank you, just takes the dog inside. I tell her that he almost got hit and she says "oh well he'll learn his lesson sometime" and then she slammed the door in my face!!OMG! I was so mad. What kind of thinking is that?! Keep your dog safe lady or don't have a dog at all. I am still fuming about it!

If Toby ever got out I would be wandering the streets crying and in hysterics until I found him again. I wouldn't be watching TV waiting for a nice neighbor to bring him back and then slam the door in her face. Oh well I did it for the dog. Not for miss mean lady. sheesh. Some people should not own animals. I don't know how Bernie deals with way worse people every single day rescuing all those dogs that she does. Yay for nice people like Bernie!


I completely agree with you. This is infuriating--I wish the dog could be removed from that imbecilic family. How awful......
Take care,
Can't agree more. We have a neighborhood dog that gets loose all the time. No name tag, but we know where he lives. I would be crushed if he gets hit by a car; our complex isn't too far off from a busy street. The last time my fiance chased the dog and took it home, he got into a huge argument with the women who lives there. She said the kids always let him out & she isn't going after him. Apparently the kids don't either... Basically the same experience as you had - she said her kids would learn for letting him get loose! I would literally die of heartache if my dog went missing or got hurt. Some people just aren't responsible at all - that, or they just don't care about animals the way that we do.
Yay for nice people like Bernie...and YOU Claudine!
I know how you feel. Been there, done that. Found a little poodle and brought it home. The owner screamed at the dog and was nasty to me. My daughter found a dog and returned him to his owner who argued with her -- kept telling her that his dog was in the house and that it was not his dog. He finally realized that his dog had left the house and been found by the railroad tracks. Oh well.

Glad you weren't in your pj's this time!

You and your blog make me smile. Would love another video, Claudine. Hint, hint. After the holidays, perhaps???

I've been through that scene a couple times before. Once I even solved a dog mystery and never heard thank you. I saw a LOST dog sign near the Safeway by my house and then about two miles away I saw a FOUND dog sign by the coffee shop. It was clearly the same dog so I wrote down the found number drove back to the lost sign. I called the owner explained the situation and she just said "So what's the #?" in an annoyed voice?? Are people trying to lose their dogs?? I often wonder...
People like that disgust me because they usually have the same attitude about their kids. You're such a darling for running to get him.
That's CRAZY. Next time just keep knocking on doors until you find someone that says "Hooray! A dog!" Forget about the original owner. She sounds terrible.
man...what a goober that lady is & you are such a sweetie to save the doggies day from the swerving car.
preach on sister!
mean people should not own dogs!
Hi Claudine! always a pleasure to visit your blog! I'm a fan of your work! I made a link in my blog to yours. cheers!
My mother-in-law and I found a dog once wander around a parking lot. This dog too had a collar with a phone number, so I called it. The lady that answered said "Oh, he does that all the time. Just let him go, he'll be fine." I was shocked. He was in a parking lot on a busy street! He could have been hit so easily and she didn't seem to care that her dog was out wander around aimlessly.

I'm with you...if you can't handle having a pet or you don't want to deal with one, you shouldn't have them! People are nuts.
Ugh - she didn't even say thank you!

My next door neighbors are complete bachelor party boys. They left one evening, and I went out into the hallway and not only was there beer cans on the stairway, but their little cat was just out there in the hall all by its lonesome. I didn't want it to get into the cellar or out the front door, so I brought it into our apartment. I left a note with my cell, my husband's cell saying call or knock at any hour to retrieve your cat. The note was taken off the door, but we heard nothing for over 24 hours! I spoke to another neighbor who said, "That cat stays with us all the time, because they accidentally leave her in the hall, their door is never locked so just pop her inside." Sure enough I opened their apartment and let her back in - when I was sad to see their new puppy left there in a crate. I wanted to scoop up all of their pets and bring them back to my place! They never thanked us for looking after the cat - some people SHOULDN'T have animals!
Oh my gosh, I SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

I had similar sitch with a cat in my hood. The owner was so unperturbed. I was nonplussed - - how could she be so blase about it?? It's a city - with busy streets and cars! Don't these people realize that their putting their pet in danger with their cavalier attitude about what is safe and what is not? Argh..

If I was the dog - I'd have run away too!

You make me laugh Claudine...the part where you said"Not for miss mean lady". Just remember, what goes around comes around. She will one day learn. I for one am thankful for people like you and Bernie. Yeah for the nice people!
The problem for Miss Mean is that her dog will get hit and she'll shrug her shoulders and say, "Well, I'll just get another dog."

I've watched dogs get hit on my street because they running loose -absolutely tragic. Another time, I was found by an adorable bull dog but his owner didn't call to tell me that he discovered my "Found Sign" until days later when it was 'convenient for him.' Needless to say, you don't want to hear the devestating circumstances that befell the sweet dog a year later.

It's tough educating idiots.
We also have a neighborhood dog that is allowed to roam, we've returned him several times. We had to put our dog to sleep recently and it's so sad, it makes me mad when people don't take better care of their pets, they won't be around forever:(
Yet another voice chiming in to say that negligent pet ownership is unconscionable AND that there are indeed people who take the same attitude toward their children. It's all the more critical for the rest of us to do our part in kindness and in our own sisterhood of appreciation for efforts that go unrewarded otherwise.
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