illustration friday: excess
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "excess"

(click image to enlarge)
You can never have an excess of birthday cake! More is always better :)
Thanks to Christina for letting me use a super cute photo of herself in this piece!


I agree never to much cake! Happy Fri-cake day!
Very clever.
lov the lil dog in the chair, and birthday cake is always good: michael dailey
Claudine - this piece is really fun! the little dog is so adorable.
Very yummy piece!
Awww..such a happy scenario!
Lovely and funny
How sweet ! The puppy is gorgeous. I like your composition it works well.
love the doggie, sitting up so politely and waiting for his piece of cake.
This one just 'takes the cake.' How lovely to share the excess with a favorite pet. I too LOVE birthday cake. There is something special about the day on which it is served.
I have to agree, especially with lots of butter cream frosting! Great illustration.
you're right more cake is always better...especially on your Birthday or your Friends Birthday...or any

great work!!!

what a fun sweet that the little doggie is a guest to the party !! He's ready for a slice !!
this is adorable.
i like your use of mixed media. very clever.
hee hee, too cute. I can taste the cake and ice cream from Liz Spanner's grade 2 birthday party right now!!!!
I know I can never have enough cake! Great illustration!

:D nice work! x
yea! cake! cake is the best.
especially white cake with banana cream-cheese frosting, or chocolate with raspberry filling and double chocolate topping, or strawberry with lemon, or lemon with .... well, I guess your right! Totally cute pst
Great piece, Claudine!
im sure you know. so brilliant though. i love your work!
This is just too too cute!!!
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