illustration friday: zoo
Here's my submission for Illustration Friday's theme of "zoo"

(click image to enlarge)

I was thinking what a zoo it must be at the malls today -- everyone in a shopping frenzy buying their Christmas presents. So I created a woman avoiding the zoo and shopping online! I had already created this image as one part of an illustration for Florida Realtor magazine for an article about blogging. So I adjusted it a little bit and viola, she's shopping on (notice how she's on the page for my second book)

Hope all the USAers out there had a great Thanksgiving Holiday. I am still sick and starting to get really annoyed. Going to do a little work today and then snuggle down with a book. Maybe I need more rest to kick this virus.


A zoo indeed! Our Black Friday is actually Boxing Day so no such pressure here!

Great interpretation.
Ha I love how you featured your book! Clever and cute!
Cute illustration...I live in NYC so stores are always zoos, that is why I go 75% of my shopping online...including grocery shopping!
Very cute illustrations! I love your work.
I'm living in Montreal and I am watching the snow falling... In 2005 I decided that the zoo isn't for me anymore. Gifts to my nieces and that was it. Christmas it's enjoyable now with no stress. There is more and more people here who don't go with this crazy frenzy buying thing.
I love ideas on themes that aren't so obvious. Yours is terrific, Hellmuth! :D
yep, got to agree with Mick on that.

I'd like to think that Christmas shopping will happen earlier than the 24th for me this year...
You go, girl! Books, TV segments, commissions, WHERE, Oh where do you come up with such fantastic ideas? Brilliant!
just wonderful...she looks very happy to be shopping at home....hope you feel better soon.
That's great and that's soooo me! I'm avoiding malls and buying everything handmade online! Great image!
Great idea! Love this post and great idea integrating your book sale too.
I love this, exactly how I shop period!

Great work!

Thanks for the Happy Thanksgiving comment!
Nice take on the topic and I really like your style.
That's what I'm talking about. Shopping online. Why don't more people do it? I can't imagine getting up at 4am to do anything, let alone fight with other maniacs for the last iphone. Great image!
very nice, good idea!
I loved this one, Caludine! I am so sorry you are sick. But with the news from so many online friends, I think we might have a computer virus.... mine is still hanging on as well. Feel better soon!
creative take on the topic! oh, and sorry with the mean lady story above. people can be mean sometimes..
Uh, just thinking about the malls gives me the shivers. Shall we just turn to Etsy and Amazon ?
I'm sorry you're sick and hope you get well really soon.
Oh, and just by the way: Great illustration.
Great works, your tecnique is very very interesting.
Thank you fro your comment on my blog .o)
Excellent interpretation!
Hi Claudine....great take on the topic this week!!!!

nice collage, and great style, its got a 1950's spin to it, and also as every one has said -- good take on the topic, thanks for the comment btw
You can use this illustration as a promo piece for your other projects by changing out the screen - very clever. Great work avoiding "the zoo"!
Such a good idea and so well done!I a got up and went to those four oclock sales... just to see what it was all about. We left and went to breakfast instead.
So playful, I love the style and play with mixed media.
you have such a great way of collage illustration...
Feel Better. Great Illustration! I could relate. I would much rather shop online.
Oh! yes I'm agree....
Online Christmas shopping is the perfect solution for us!
Pd/ Get well, Claudine
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